Now that I no longer take vacations, I have adventures!

going home to Italy every year is something I look forward to every year.
I always visit Florence, the city that convinced me to return for a semester abroad while at Syracuse University.   As all college students I had gone through the shock of moving away to a town where I knew almost no one, but I was not very prepared to go to a city where I KNEW NO ONE and could not even speak their language.

For years after that event I visited Italy, England, Alaska and the far east as a tourist or on buiness.  But now I try to NOT go as a tourist on vacation by as an explorer on an ADVENTURE.  Yes my adventures are small.  I don’t walk across the desert alone, I don’t take a canoe to explore the Amazon or  climb mountains.  My adventures are traveling solo and meeting as many people who are willing to speak with me.

This does not always work.   I still remember the shop clerk in Venice giving me the shoulder shrug (that said who the h— cares) after I explained how difficult it had been to find a sweater in large American sizes.  She also refused to let me purchase an item on “display” in the window.    After all these months I still wish I had walked out of the store.    But I have a wish necklace and it you are granted 3 wishes than I shall wish that she age gracelessly and become large…………

Adventures can be small or large.  When you are going outside your comfort zone often a small adventure can be a great accomplishment.

Where   do you go on adventures??

Some of the interesting people I met on my last trip

This is Frank.    A very kind customer service rep. who never lost his temper or grace when clients were rude, loud and not very nice.  Mr. Frank translated something I had found in Spain, so that I could understand the lengend of the “ringing of the bells”

 I do not know this kind woman’s name but I see her every year.
When I visit Florence each year I stop in the large central market.  Sometimes for a great cappucino at the stall that all the market workers visit.   They always know I am a tourist but treat me the same as everyone else.  

Most visits I stop at this one stall where you can purchase pannini’s.  the owner always understands my requet for turkey and swill.  She always has a smile even when i am the last customer after her 8hr day.   This trip we exchanged emails and i shall send her photos of her stall.  

:While lost in Venice exploring the hundreds of narrow street on my way from St Marks to the train station.   I stopped in a small glass bead store.  There are many, many of these and there was no particular reason to stop here.   But while buying strands of her mini glass beads I had a lovely chat with the owner.   Her daugher uses the internet but
she was still not “ready” to join the email revolution.

Who have you met on your adventures that made a mark on you?   I keep writing about how surprised I am that the people I meet mark my life but I dont make any impression on them..   Perhaps because they meet so many more people than I do.


Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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