No more luggage fees when I visit Florence Italy

Do you drag too much luggage with you on vacation or trips?   After you purchase all those wonderful treasures, do you find there is no space in your bag to bring them home?    And the fees to fly with an additonal bag can be very costly.  I was recently told if my bag was over the weight limit it was 100 euros to bring the second bag!

So, in addtion to traveling with throw away clothing (items I no longer need I leave in the charity boxes in Italy at the end of the trip)  I discovered the wonderful people at Mail Box Etc in Florence Italy.
The location I use is a few blocks from the train station on Via della Scala  13.   I can leave my bag there while I travel all over Italy,   I have had them ship my bag to my next city destination so that I could stop in small towns (that do not usually have luggage storage) and when I arrived at my hotel, my bag would be waiting for me!   And when i finish my trip in Florence I have MBetc mail my extra items to my home in the USA.
My package arrives the week I ask for and has never had any damage or loss.    A very easy way to avoid the excess baggage fees AND dragging that heavy bag through the airport.

Oh and they store your luggage while you travel around Italy or Europe.

Visit my friends at Mail Box etc  they will make traveling a breeze.

MBE 0212
0.86 km Via della Scala 13 / R 
Tel: 055/268173

Published by Lee Laurino

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7 thoughts on “No more luggage fees when I visit Florence Italy

  1. do you know if they do luggage storage. I want to travel around italy and europe for a month, but I have luggage I want to leave behind.


  2. Yes they do! and it is so much cheaper than leaving a bag at the train station. I left my bag with them while I took off for weeks in Southern Italy. this year was 10E a week! that is almost a daily charge at the them, they are wonderful.often when i spend my last week in florence, i give the a box I want to ship home. each day i drop off my purchases so I dont have to drag them to the hotel. that is service! just remember they are not open weekends…


  3. hard to tell you since it is based on where you are sending it in the usa, the size of the bag and the weight. the MBX women can give you an idea if you contact them at the address above and give them the estimates.I have seen MANY student with stuffed bags sending them home after a semester in Florence. I sent all my xtra clothes, a laptop (est 7 lbs) and gifts to Atlanta ga and it was perhaps $110…..but I cant tell you the weight of the box. I have sent items back 3 times without ANY problems. and sorry this is so late, have not had wifi for awhile


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