Alberobello, Italy A world Heritage Site

Come visit for the fantasy, stay and enjoy the endless kindness of the people of Alberobello.

Yes I visited Alberobello to see the Trullia house I had heard so much about.  They are listed on the World Heritage list and although it is a life ambition to visit most of this list, I know it will not be possible.  But I shall visit as many sites in the countries I do visit in the next 10 years.
My Visit:
Being off season, I didn’t expect many tourists and only found a few from the cruise ship, tour bus that stopped for a few hours.  The balance of the 1 day I could stay in Alberobello, the streets were amazingly quiet.   The staff at the “tourist shops”  were always outside, cheery and very welcoming.   They made you feel at home not as an inconvenience or as just part of their job,  as in so many other “tourist locations”.
I chose to stay in one of the traditional homes for the “experience” but what I did NOT expect was how kind everyone was:  from the staff at the rental office and the stores to locals I met at the deli and other non tourist locations.

I had trouble finding anything open after the usual lunch hour and was amazed at the willingness of the young woman I met at the oil/cheese/local products store to make me a few brucetti to tide me over.
Later that night on the way back to my little house, a torrential down pour started.   I had left my umbrella in the apt and was waiting in a doorway for the rain to let up.  Being on a hilly location, the flooding water in the cobbled street became a river!
But this did not stop the very kind man who is a skilled wood carver, to walk across this river and give me his umbrella!
wow!.    I was a stranger but he went out of his way to help me…
The next day we had a great chat when I returned his umbrella.  Look for his video soon.

I had a personal tour of all the products offered in Alberobello.   With so few tourists I felt like I was the only person in town!     I am sure I talked too much and took up too much of their time, but everyone was very kind.

products available in Alberobello
Two of the women I met in one of the shops were kind enough to show me how their “doll” worked.  I am sure they had to do this hundreds of times a day…………..
Can you not smile when you view such animated and kind faces?   The entire visit was filled with welcoming people, even afte 8 or 10 hours of work…..Amazing.

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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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