A new series on life in Puglia, Italy

Buono Cibo, amici e Famiglia, in Puglia with Yle

Good food, Friends and family in Puglia Italy wit Yle, a personal travel consultant who can make YOUR dream trip to Italy a reality…..http://www.yltourcongressi.it 

Sunday at mama Anna’s house. Yle’s sister (right)

Each Sunday we will try to share an Italian experience with Yle, visiting family, eating Sunday dinner exactly at 1:30 at her mama Anna’s table so not to miss wonderful food, visiting with family and enjoying life minute by minute.   Step inside an Italian home and sit at the table.  Become one of the family and enjoy the beautiful life…….

Are there any other Italian Americans who remember Sunday’s in the USA?    Did you visit your grandparents or did Nonna and Zia or Zio come to your house?   I always thought it was “normal” to have a large meal on Sunday.    We were at home that day, not going to the movies or a ball game.   This was the one day my dad did not work all day.   We would often go to the bakery for Italian bread and buns but nothing as wonderful as Yle will show in the following.     And I remember Nonna watching Lawrence Welk before she went back to her house!

Future topics will include wine, outdoor markets, homemade bread and pasta, Italian festivals,  how to spend an Italian weekend…..    and much more.  
What would you like Yle to tell us about?     

Following is Yle’s description of Sunday Feb 5, 2012 in Lecce, Italy.

Life seems to be so sweet here in Salento Puglia

A winter Sunday spent with the family, lived in harmony with the people I love most. Our trip exploring  Puglia with me (Yle) starts here .. in a very special and cozy place .. the kitchen of my Mum Anne and a stroll by the ocean .. simply beautiful.   ..

I was at home after having my breakfast Italian style (usually capuccino or espresso and something sweet), when my sister Azzurra called me and invited me for a ride to the beach, for local bread shopping at a small farm in the countryside and lunch together cooking with mom. I accepted right away ..I just needed this comfortable family relaxation.

                                                                                            Our tour began with a visit to our quarter horse (we bring him fresh chicories every Sunday and he loves our delicious visit) a quick coffee at the barand away towards the sea. Our first stop was in a small bakery in the countryside (not far from the ocean) where you can buy bread and pucce (our typical bread) of any kind. My sister could not resist the awesome smell of the bread we bought and she started eating it as soon as we left the bakery.

   Usually on Sundays I make the bread for the family, but this time I decided to be “lazy” and go and buy it by the sea in good company. What fragrance in this bakery and how many people in line to buy it! For us Sunday is a very special day of slow down and family relaxation. We usually go to small lovely places by the ocean or in the countryside to shop fruit, vegetables, bread and cheese. During this lovely “strolls” we often buy vegetables in boxes directly from producers to consume during the week .

Soon after, we headed out to the seaside.  Nature already seems to call for the arrival of spring. Flowers are already blooming and light up the green mantle beneath the olive trees. With my sister we decided to stop for afunny photo  amidst the flowers in February (while in therest of Europe, including Italy, it snows).

The bakery is not far from the sea, so we decided to take a walk on the beach .. fantastic. We heard the sound of the waves and the cold air all around us, but the desire to stay close to the sea was irresistible. Soon after we headed into town, the beautiful Lecce, just in time for cooking. 

On Sunday my motherwants the family to sit around the tableon time. Her sentence is always at the table at 1:30” and it was so. But this time we have prepared together our Sunday meal, my Mum, my sister and me. We call Azzurra by a nickname in my family….she’s Zuzzi for us.    Because my beautiful Mum knows I’m fond of vegetables she made me a surprise that I found in the pot: a traditional Salento recipe that is a mingle of seasonal vegetables: chicory, fennel, artichokes.
Today’s menu pasta were the so called “Strascinati” from Brindisi, very similar to the most popular “orecchiette” but much more crushed, seasoned with tomato sauce and fresh ricotta cheese. Mum Anna made the tomato sauce in the “pignata” and grated fresh ricotta cheese.  Meanwhile Zuzzi and I were setting the table while the rest of the family arrived – all in time for lunch at 1:30.
The magic moment is usually when pasta is put into the bowl, thus giving rise to the official opening of the lunch. When it comes to fresh homemade pastait takes a very short time to cook .. Zuzziand I were in the kitchen with our mum to help her put the pasta on the plate, dress it with tomato sauce and fresh ricotta cheese and bring it to the table!
The lunch ended withhomemade liquors (laurel today) and a good coffee in the moka.

Fresh pasta cooks very quickly.
Our family is very creative, we like all things artistic, imaginative..and so after lunch my sister and me enjoyed making some unique earrings with beautiful colored stones .. The Moka is the ubiquitous Italian coffee maker found in homes.

Later on – aftera short siesta we will go out for a walk downtown and keep on enjoying this sweet Sunday Salento, Puglia style.

If you happen to visit me in Salento we could enjoy togetherthis beautiful stroll to the ocean, buy bread in the farmhouse and cook with my mother. Then everyone around the table with the family to meet friends and eat in good company.   

Whenever you like…there is always room for new friends at our table.
See you next Sunday with another glorious day to spend together.

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