Inspiration for the PERFECT travel experience.

YOU deserve a perfect getaway (even if it is for one day)

“Something magical happens”
Yle creates unique travel experiences for each guest who visits Puglia.   She shares her philosophy on finding inspiration and the goal of the perfect experience.  

There are days when something suddenly rings your bell,  I don’t know about you, but often,  for my my job,  I look for something special to suggest to my friends all the time, find the right place for the perfect holiday (easier said than done) and when it happens it is so nice.

When I started writing on this blog, it was a way to share with you information on how to experience this area (Puglia) in a special way, if only for a short amount of time and how your Sunday could  become a fantastic day if you look for a gem around you, I am sure you can find it.
Working on “unique” holidays and planning days for guests visiting Puglia, puts me in the position of ongoing research and selection.

When I choose one place instead of another, it is always for a particular reason:   something magical has to happen in my body/soul, otherwise I should select somewhere else and do not suggest it to people asking  for the very best.        Finding something that suits my guests needs and matches their standards, will make their holiday a lot easier and give them the perfect results they have been seeking for months in planning their vacation.

An example of where inspiration can come from:

It was a late spring day, very hot and sunny and I was planning a day tour for some American ladies.   On my list were many fun things, scheduling all the activities in the afternoon.
Actually these lovely ladies would have met me in the morning and after a long flight they would have been tired and in search of relaxation.

Drinking a “caffè” (in whatever way you like) in a central bar in Lecce is often a way to meet some friends and talk to them, even when a meeting is unplanned.  

I had just asked for my lovely coffee cream when I noticed the wonderful look of a lady who was actually very close to me. My eyes were attracted by the design of little symbols on her dress and the softness of the textile turned my imagination on and made me wish to fly somewhere under the sun.
I immediately realized I knew her and told her: “Marisa how nice to meet you here (that in Italian would be translated like “Che piacere vederti qui”).   This lovely friend and her family owns in Salento some very nice resorts by the ocean that are just unique in their style.    One in particular is a dream place in Lecce where you truly experience a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the sun.

We decided  to have coffee together and at the end of the meeting she pronounced the magical formula: “Yle come and visit me tomorrow at Masseria Luciagiovanni”, we will have a brunch together by the swimming pool” (a 1600 sqm swimming pool with Jacuzzi) followed by a spa treatment (I could choose amongsauna, steam bath, hammam, body treatments, massages, indoor/outdoor Thalassic Therapy path and Jetstream, whirlpool).  

Yle gives us more details of her day at the ultimate spa on the next post, please click the next entry.

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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