Italian Americans can find their roots in Puglia

Are you one of the millions of Italian Americans in the USA?  Did your family immigrate from the Puglia area of Italy?      Now include a visit to your family village as part of your next or first visit to Italy!     Having a local expert in Puglia to help you research your “home” village, arrange transportation and even arrange translation services if your Italian is not fluent.    Dream of walking the streets that your grandparents told you about…………Yle can help make this happen.

Puglia Roots anyone?

Explore Puglia with a local expert
How many of you have Puglia roots and have always longed to get back to the places where your family grew up and walk along the same streets as they did or simply find any possible contact in your family village? 

There are many Italian Americans associations with members who remember the story of their families and dream of getting in touch with their family and friends in Italy.

But not all returning Italian Americans speak fluent Italian and in many cases a local expert, helping them to identify potential relatives and friends, is the solution.     That’s what I’m always happy to do for those associations contacting me for these very tailored tours. 

In order to facilitate this research it is very important to provide as much historic information as possible to make a visit to the town of your family ancestry a dream come true.              

Italian Americans often contact me and ask for a very special vacation :
I remember once, a lovely lady in her 60’s from Brooklyn, and her evident emotion in seeing an old woman in a small village, Mola di Bari, making orecchiette hand-made pasta in her little tiny home.     It was like recalling in her memories as a little child and seeing her grandmother again.     I will never forget the intensity of her gaze and the deep sense of emotion. 

In the Bari area in particular, we have entire communities that many decades ago emigrated from Southern Italy to the USA looking for a better future, without speaking the language and in most cases with  very little money.
Many of them often come back to Puglia and visit family and local friends.    
Now for Italian Americans,  a tour with YLTOUR could be a memorable experience not only for visiting the towns of their ancestors and a way to find ones own roots, but also to arrange any details of your trip in the area.   Experiencing all the things you have always been told about: bread making, the main square in the village, an ancient bar in town, pasta making with local grandmothers and so many more incredible things with a local travel expert makes your dream possible.

It’s not an ordinary vacation nor an exploration. It is about family and feelings. It is a wonderful experience that’s worth a try for those of you interested in returning to your ancestral Puglia region.

I am more than convinced that growing up as an Italinian American has been amazing and given you many lovely memories.

I am always happy to listen to your family stories and memories.  Experience Puglia with all heart and soul.

Send me an email and visit me in Puglia!
Vi abbraccio forte


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