Italian Adventure you dont want to miss

Have you always wanted to visit Italy?   Have you heard great stories about Sorrento and the many wonderful towns within a short boat or bus ride?

Now there is a program that takes you from a tourist to a traveler!

Why not live as an Italian while you experience Italy?

Hear from recent attendees about their experience enrolling in beginning Italian lessons, touring important sites in the area, living with a family (other accommodations are available), learning to make gelato and a long list of other events during your adventure in Sorrento.

2008 group touring Naples


The Club 50+ programme offers a complete package of lessons and activities, exclusively for people aged 50 and over who want to travel, meet like-minded people and improve their Italian.
SASL 50+ course focuses on practical General Italian in the four skills of speaking,reading, writing and listening. You will be placed in a class  of  students  from  different  backgrounds and nationalities, all of whom are over 50



The  excursion  programme  includes  activities that  will help you to discover this unique city and its culture. You will discover the incredible history  of  Sorrento,  Pompei,  Naples  and  the Campania  Region and have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine.


You  will study in  group classes, take  part  in group activities, and have free time to create friendships  with  people  from  many  different cultures


2 weeks Italian Basic Course

Accommodation: 2 weeks

in family, single room, B&B

1 tour of Sorrento

1excursionsto Pompeii

1 excursion to Naples

2 afternoonsof school

activities, such as Italian film and class cultural lessons.

1 visit to Lemoncello Factory followed by tasting

1 make your own Gelato and enjoy

1 typical Sorrentine cooking class
PRICE 1009   per person


COURSE DATES: From15th April 2012 to 27thApril2012

From 1st October 2012

to       13th October 2012


2 weeks

s per week
m day/5days per week)

more information at:

SASL – Sant’Anna Institute Sorrento Lingue

Via Marina Grande 16 – 80067 Sorrento (NA)

Tel. +390818075599 – Email:


Study abroad and Italian language programs in Italy have traditionally focused on the popular cultural centers of Rome, Florence, Milan, and other cities in the north of Italy. Rarely have any programs offered the student an opportunity to experience the unique culture, customs and climate of southern Italy.
Sorrento is situated on the west coast of Italy, twenty miles south of the city of Naples, on the spectacular Sorrento Peninsula. Perched atop hundred foot cliffs that face the Gulf of Naples, Sorrento is within sight of rugged snow-capped mountains, emerald waters, black sand beaches, cliff-hanging villages, and the world’s best known volcano. Within easy reach of Sorrento are the stunning islands of Capri and Ischia, the Baroque splendor of Naples, the amazing Amalfi Coast, the majestic Greek temples at Paestum, the historic Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and of course, Mount Vesuvius. The National Archaeological Museum in Naples houses perhaps the world’s greatest collection of Roman antiquities.
Sorrento is:
· A safe, walkable and picturesque center of international tourism with an international population
· A small town yet with a cosmopolitan feel
· Friendly, gracious people; southern hospitality, Italian style
· Elegant hotels and quaint, family-owned restaurants
· Bustling shopping streets and quiet, stone-paved alleyways
· A mild, sun-drenched Mediterranean climate
· Culinary traditions based on the fruit of the sea, and on locally grown produce
· Streets lined with lemon and orange tress; hillsides covered with olive groves and vineyards
· A meeting place for artists, writers, musicians, architects, philosophers, poets and religious figures from around the globe.
· Home to some of the best pizza and gelato you will find anywhere
· The ideal location for the adventurous student who would like to experience the ‘other Italy’.


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