Italy, Pizza home delivery!


Photo thanks to Sorrento Info

Pizza!  Home Delivery in Italy?  Say it is not so….

Italian Americans (in New Jersey at least) probably eat Pizza once a week or more. 

Living in the south, it is nearly impossible to find what I call “real” pizza. 

Stopping for a slice is a phrase I hear when visiting my hometown but not often on my long road trips in America.

While living in Sorrento, Italy I found pizza was a dinner item.     You order an individual pizza   and eat it with a knife and fork…..    While in Rome I saw many locations that sold a faccacia type of pizza that was sold by the gram.    Hot out of the oven the smell would waft down the street and drag you into the store.   School children on their way home would have a ‘slice’ in the heavy paper in one hand and books in the other.
Cafe Pizza in Bari, Italy 2011

One of the best locations in Rome is at the piazza dei Fiore.   I stood transfixed watching the bakers making countless long slabs of the pizza like base.      None of the pizza I saw or tried in Italy looked like the cheese laden product we have here.   

Dominos is NOT in Italy but Pizza is now being delivered to Italian homes!  This amazes me since the event of eating out with family or friends is a major pastime in Italy.   Dinners out can last hours and the diners truly enjoy the food and the company.

Olga Stinga with the Sorrento Lingue language school in Sorrento was kind enough to confirm for me that it is true, pizza is now available for ‘take away’ and home delivery!    She tells me “home delivery is becoming more frequent and many Pizzerias do that.  Here in Sorrento there is the Pizzeria “Cuore di Pizza” that delivers and even in Piano di Sorrento there is “Pizza Expresse” and “Re Pizza” that offer this service.
Rome Pizza bakers

What will change next?   Starbucks in every small town?  Please NO…..

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