Yoga in Italy? This is not India…no it is better!!!

Is travel sometimes exhausting, trying to see everything in a short amount of time?   Why not spend some of your adventure living in Puglia and enjoying a yoga retreat?   See what Yle has created for you…….



 A wonderful natural setting to relax and restore  
…Take space and time to unwind and recharge in Puglia ….
September and October 2012
For info:
Salento, in Puglia, is the hidden treasure of southern Italy with its coastline and small fishing villages of a predominant baroque and country chic style, combining gentle hills and farmlands, white walled medieval towns each with its culinary specialties.
If you love Italy and the genuine, simple atmosphere of the south,  a yoga holiday in Salento can be the right place for you, combining yoga with cooking classes, wine tasting, photography, painting and enjoying all the beautiful things Puglia has to offer daily.
Yoga classes take place in some very inspiring locations as well as relaxation sessions. Known as the land of simplicity, Puglia can truly surprise you with her beauty and sense of life. This is the ideal vacation and destination for those of you looking for natural beauty, transformative yoga, good company and a place to be simply yourself.
The morning session will allow you to connect with the surrounding and dive deep into yourself, from the flow of your breath to the practise of postures that cultivate core strength and steadiness to the body until you feel  stronger and more confident.

Whether you are a beginner or a practitioner, this yoga holiday will get you in touch with the love, inspiration and joy within you.
A yoga retreat in Salento is an opportunity to come to completely rest, to reflect and to feel completely at ease with yourself and others in a nurturing environment.
Meals are prepared using fresh organic home-grown and local products. You will live like a local in a safe atmosphere that will make it possible for everyone to feel at home straightaway.

This yoga holiday is intended for you to relax and mingle with the most beautiful simplicity and local warmness. You will experience how wonderful getting in touch with nature can be and feel the love and dedication all around you.

Between sessions, you can choose to explore the countryside and villages: markets, relax by the beach, visit wineries, cycling, photography, painting or enjoy a guided walk through Salento and Itria Valley, meet some really lovely locals.
To know more about this relaxing holiday contact Yle anytime:

This tour will be run in September and October.

It’s for small groups of 8/10 guests
All included (with a local yoga instructor English speaking)

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