Does your Italian trip include a villa rental?

 “From the villas’ terrace I look across the green fields, olive groves and rolling hillside…….”    Oh to be able to stay in a villa in Italy……….

When you dream of Italy, do you see yourself in a villa, apartment or room with a view of the lush landscape?   There are many views in Italy.

Kathy McCabe, the creator of the Dream Of  Italy  newsletter,   recently helped me find a source for a villa rental in Italy.   The villa dream was for a former client of mine.   Villas are not suited to solo travelers so I can just admire the photos of the green vistas or sea views that others can enjoy.    I reviewed some of the offerings from the list of rental companies Kathy sent me.   One great property after another……
One of the rental companies grabbed my attention:       Laura Massoni Travel.

Kathy had mentioned that Laura lives in both Italy and the USA and upon further research I found that she is located in San Diego, CA

As an Italian American I have a goal of moving ‘home’ to Italy so I am fascinated when I meet Italians who move to the USA.   I hope to have an interview with Ms Massoni soon.    Meanwhile I want to share with you some of the information I did find and some of the photos on her web site that will make you want to go Home To Italy.     
On the Laura Massoni Travel website:
Why use our company? Because our MISSION is to ensure that your clients are well taken care of and experience the “authentic” Italian way of life. We only use GENUINE Italian guides on excursions. We strive to arrange small group tours, enhancing the Italian experience which is often lost in larger groups.
When we arrange cooking classes we use local Italian natives or chefs who are experts cooking the local or regional delicacies. Either born locally or having lived in the area for an extended period of time these experts not only know about the delectable cuisine but also about the rich history of the region. It is this attention to detail, and the resulting fantastic experience your clients will have that sets us apart from all the rest. Even returning visitors will love the different regions that they will experience when seeing Italy the Laura Massoni Travel way.

Another reason to use us is that we have offices in both the United States and in Italy with dedicated associates eager to take care of your clients when they travel.

You and your clients will rest easy knowing that we are HERE for them on BOTH continents. 
You can find the entire article on Renting a villa in Italy at the Dream Of Italy website.  
I shall be enjoying the villa photos at all these sites for months to come…

Lee Laurino

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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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