Sorrento Italy, Agriturismo on the Amalfi Coast

As a final farewell lunch with students, our host Olga Stinga sends us a post from a blisful site above Sorrento, Italy.   This is an elegant ‘farm’ that offers guests a high end experience. 

Olga, head of the Italian Language department at Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue
tells us about the experience of lunch at

Olga tells us about the wonderful lunch that was served:
the restaurant at Fattoria Terranova
You are in the countryside and you face the water.    It (the agriturismo) is situated between the bay of Naples and Salerno in front of the Galli Rocks.”    (I shall try to find more information on the Rocks and post this later)
We visited the cultivated fields, then the garden with roses and they also have horses and a swimming pool.   The food is simply delicious and the entire group said that they have never eaten something similar.”
All the food is produced by them, starting from vegetables, to pasta (hand made), bread (hand made), mozzarella (hand made) and meat and chicken.   We had: appetizers of bruschette with tomatoes and cream of olives, accompanied by prosecco wine.”
The Menu:

Then a big antipasto with ham and salami, mozzarella, zucchini flowers and small pieces of chicken fried and mozzarella, parmigiana di melanzane .  A salad with fagiolini, fava beans, pumpkins, zucchini and aubergines grilled.

Then 3 types of hand made pasta: one with onions and romano cheese, one with tomato and mozzarella cheese and aubergines, one with zucchini and a cream of zucchini.

Then we had grilled meat: beaf, pork, chicken and sausages accompanied by potatoes and salad.

Professor and Mrs Turner with Olga 

Then cake : caprese cake, ricotta and pera cake and white caprese cake with flavour of lemon.  Then Limoncello liquor and coffee.

It had been incredible!!
Now I want to visit Factoria Terranova!  Their web site gives you instructions on how to reach the farm, what facilities they offer and wonderful photos… Enjoy!
Thank you to Olga our friend atSant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue.

 Why not enroll in one of their wonderful programs to become a traveler, not just a tourist?

















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