Say NO to hotels, stay in an Italian apartment

Our travel expert in Puglia, Yle, has some great suggestions for accomodations when you visit Puglia!    For travelers who enjoy the wonders of  ‘extended travel’ alternatives to a hotel opens so many more options.   

Our guide, Yle

“Travel like a local” has been my motto since forever!   When guests ask me for a special accommodation in Lecce I  often  suggest to them – when it is about privacy, budget and fun – to rent an apartment.

A fully furnished apartment in the heart of Lecce, the baroque city, where everywhere is a five minute walk.     How exciting can it be?       A hotel will have scheduled times for eating, while in your apartment you will have your own kitchen and cook anytime you like and invite friends to come along as well!

When you plan to visit a city for a week or less, and if you love the idea of living as the locals do, then this is the plan for you.      First of all an apartment (the ones I suggest) are bigger than your hotel room, with something special in their furnishings  that will make you treasure this unusual experience. 
Secondly, they offer far more than any budget hotel could ever provide.   

If you truly want to experience the area this way,  you must definitely consider renting an apartment.    There’s a certain uniqueness that apartments offer that you cannot find in a hotel:     it makes you feel part of the community and not simply a tourist, you can cook a meal you like anytime you wish, you can enjoy a spectacularprivacy, shop in the local markets and enjoy an authentic experience of living exactly like the locals  and in a less expensive way than staying in a hotel.

Full kitchen apartments enable you to cook all (or some of) your meals and save a considerable amount on eating out (sometimes hotel restaurants are as expensive as room service) .  

A service apartment is really great idea for a family with children or a small group:    close to the center of town and tourist attractions, it provides a lot more privacy, amenities and comfort than hotels.      Well actually sometimes it can also be a great deal for big groups allowing the fun of staying together (which you will not have when booking rooms in hotels).

For families and travelers on a budget,  renting an apartment is a key way to keep the cost of traveling  low, have more personal privacy and mingle with the local community that you are visiting. While in a hotel you are always considered a guest, the apartment becomes your nest (even if for one night)  and will make you feel right at home.      Actually renting an apartment will generally cost a quarter to a third of the price of a budget hotel allowing you to save 60% to 70% on your accommodation expenses (and food as well!).

Would you love this solution?   I’ll be happy to suggest various accommodation options which range from dimore to budget apartments and luxury villas, giving you options of space and location.

It is definitely such a different experience.   In Lecce there’s a very nice apartment I highly recommend, Corte dei Balduini ( It is very cozy and stylish, breakfast and cleaning included, a welcoming home in the heart of Lecce’s historic centre.
You will love it.  And it is economical and fun!
Corte dei Balduini:

See you soon!                 Yle

When you book your apartment with Yle, ask her about her customized tours of Lecce and Puglia.Yle can take you on a tour of the markets and shops for fresh foods and even schedule a cooking class so you become “Italian” during your stay in Puglia!

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