Italian style: sunglasses!

Yle, with

Italian women and men are always dressed well when they go out each day.

Sometimes I fail to notice how well dressed the Italians are, because I am often amazed how ‘lovely’ a group they are!  

Yle gave me some insight, telling me that “we Pugliesi pay a lot of attention to our look“.  “An Italian woman would not go to the market without being fully dressed.”  

Her other comments I had to send to Google translate but it sounds so much better in Italian!   “Le donne Italiane (most of the times) are belle e affascinati. (beautiful and fascinating).

 Lots of importance is given to the look, accessories, make up, shoes, nails.   But they are naturally belle….just consider their taste in getting dressed and combining clothes in the best possible way.     Their hair also will be “a Posto”, because we always say a woman has to ordinata, curata, profumata, gradevole”.  translated:  tidy, organized, fragrant, pleasant.    

The Italian woman does not wear ‘sloppy’ or casual clothing at home or out in the street“.
 After years of sloppy t shirts, flip flops and sometimes appaling attire, worn in the USA, I am always underdressed when I arrive in Italy.  My uniform has become BLACK.  From head to toe and you can’t go wrong.

Italians know how to create art with a scarf (a future post) but have you noticed the wonderful Shades they wear?  Our friend Yle has kindly given me many photos from her FB album to show you what I mean.

Can you share other photos?

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