Sorrento Festival for SALA patron Saint

Four Day Festival In Sorrento To Honor Saint Anna

 Santa Anna Sorrento Lingue shared with me the festival that celebrates their patron saint and the entire town of Sorrento will celebrate.

From Olga Stinga with SALA

“On July 26th Italians celebrate the Festivity of Sant’Anna (the Saint to whom our Institute is dedicated and that we take the name).      The celebration for this saint will last 4 days, until Monday when there will be a huge festival in Marina Grande (the fishing village of Sorrento) and  fireworks.

         The Madonna, called Saint Anna, protects  pregnant women and on the 26th of July all the pregnant women of the Sorrento  Pensinsula travel to the fishing village of Marina Grande and visit the church.

         There is also a special event organized in the church: at 7 pm on the 26th of July the priest will bless  some handkerchief’s with holy water and he distributes them to all the pregnant women attending the celebration.   It is a way to ask for the protection of this saint.    Again, our Institute is dedicated to Sant’Anna, the imother of Maria (the mother of Jesus).
On Monday there will be a huge procession by sea: the statue of the Madonna will be put on a boat and they’ll drive her along the coast to bless the sea and the land.       The boat will be followed by hundreds of smaller boats to form a procession by sea.”  

Isn’t this an event you would like to attend?   There are other wonderful festivals that you can experience while attending a class at SALA.     
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Additional information and the photos above was obtained from Surrentum magazine.
The following information was taken from an article written by Antonino Fiorentino.
        The St. Anne feast at the Marina Grande:     Religious holidays, have always been accompanied events with entertainment and fun that over time have tried to keep the spirit that animated them. The tradition has continued, however, the meaning is a sincere and deep religious devotion which is always alive in Sorrento.
Festive lights and booths line the shore line

            More significant is the feast of St. Anna,  in the Marina Grande, which is an expression of tradition and seafaring community that lives by the sea of ​​Sorrento and the sea. In the almost two hundred years of life has always maintained its aspects that distinguish it and that almost merge together: that of religion, and -competitive sport.

       The religious event is marked by the Novena, the procession with the statue of St. Anna.
The folklore is the presence of numerous stalls selling watermelons, lupins, coconut, nougat and various sweets, with lights that illuminate the town  and the spectacle of fireworks at sea.

The last aspect, the competitive-sport, is represented by the popular games in which participants give their best to do well in the eyes of thousands of spectators who enjoy these great and friendly service to edge of the typical Sorrento fishing boats.      In various games such as tug of war, the sack race, I’arcifamoso “soap pole”  (grease pole) come to life not only the traces of a popular racing but also the roots of our own carefree adolescence during these games, and perhaps, something spontaneous, genuine, authentic life today seems to have lost.  


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4 thoughts on “Sorrento Festival for SALA patron Saint

  1. Bev, I contacted Olga Stinga at SASL for the information you asked for: Let me know if you have other questions and share your Italian American story here!Hello Bev,I am Olga Stinga the director of education for Santa anna Sorrento Lingue in Sorrento Italy.I wanted to share with you the information we have today on the The Sant’Anna festival. The festival will run the week of the 26th of July 2013.The Sant’Anna event is celebrated on the 26th of July.Usually the festival runs for 3 days and it is organized over the week-end.I’ll be able to tell you more later in year (in June perhaps)Please contact me directly if you have any questions. This is a wonderful event as you can read on and attending any of our festivals is a unique experience.When you do visit Sorrento why not enrich your visit with any of our wonderful short or long programs:An Individual Italian language course at SASL : hourly rate 40€ Group rates are available if you are traveling with friends or familyItalian conversation classes in the open air and visiting the Village of Marina Grande where the festival takes place: hourly rate 40€Cultural lesson about the history of Sant’Anna with a visit to the church and the fishing village: hourly rate 40€Any of the above can be enhanced if you share with me any special interests you have.SASL has an extensive list of experiences and classes available: art, cooking, architecture, history, conversation, language classes at all levels and even help research family heritage within Campaigna. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in June!Olga


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