Buying a home in Italy, a checklist

Have you always dreamed of a home in Italy?

Isabell Salesny with kindly outlined the process.

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When buying/selling property in Italy a checklist with all necessary documents is needed.
Time and persistence could be helpful to close the deal. So here is what you need to know before getting started:
three steps:
1)                  proposta irrevocabile (reservation offer): will be registered at the tax office
Cost:  0,50% of the indicated amount + 168 euros + tax stamps (1 stamp: 14,62 euros every 4 pages or 100 lines)

2)                  contratto preliminare (preliminary contract): will be registered at the tax office at the same conditions above.
The presence of a notary is not mandatory for the contratto preliminare.
3)                  rogito – atto di vendita (deed of sale): will be registered at the Conservatoria by the notary
It is also possible to skip the preliminary contract.


Deed of provenance – previous contract of sale (atto di provenienza) or hereditary succession ( atto di successione)

Floor plan (piantina catastale): if it doesn’t correspond a new one has to be drawn up by a building surveyor and registered  at the land registry

Cadastral survey (Visura catastale)

Conservatoria survey (property title and mortgage registry)

Nota trascrizione (Note of transcription) of the property title

Mortgage survey (Ipoteca): Although a mortgage has been paid entirely, the note needs to be cancelled by a notary at the Conservatoria. (So there might be a note of a mortgage that just needs to be cancelled)

Certificate of habitability (Certificato di Agibilità)

(Documentation of  Condono (Amnesty for infringement of local building regulations))

Energy certificate (Certificato energetico)

Condominium regulations (Regolamento condominiale) and Report of property management expenses  (Rendiconto spese dell’amministratore condominiale)

Taxes are paid on the cadastral value (valore catastale) of the property
cadastral value = cadastral rent (rendita catastale) +  5% and multiplicated with 110 for first home buyers and 120 for second home buyers
first home buyers who are or will become residents:
3%  + 168 euros transcription fee at the Conservatoria (trascrizione in Conservatoria) + 168 euros registration fee at the land registry (voltura catastale)
If the property is sold before 5 years have passed and no other property has been bought within 1 year, the tax system for second home buyers will be applied. The difference has to be paid. 

second home buyers:
7%  + 2% transcription fee at the Conservatoria + 1% registration fee at the land registry

Gains arising from the sale of a property may be subject to Capital Gains Tax if you sell a property within five years. In this case the tax is charged at a rate of 20%.

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