Italian Organic Cooking in Puglia

  • Our friend Yle, the creator of has another great oportunity to experience Puglia, Italy from the inside:   cooking organic.      

  •  Think of walking to the market to select fresh produce, breads and fruits that will be transformed that day into a special organic meal.


Organic produce simply tastes so much better

Enjoy some unique culinary based expeditions and  learn to cook delicious authentic Puglia dishes using organic ingredients 

Have you ever wanted to know more about the benefit of the Mediterranean diet and how to cook delicious recipes straight from the most delicious Puglia culinary traditions? 

Yle is a 100% native pugliese (she lives in the amazing Baroque city of Lecce) living in the area and an expert in all things Puglia:   genuine lifestyle, wine, food, local traditions.

She loves running her business and working with some spectacular local mums providing some of the most popular cooking classes in Puglia.  Traditional cooking classes as well as organic classes are offered.     Yle, being a vegetarian and a profound lover of organic food and healthy lifestyle, teaches the organic cooking lessons herself!  

During organic cooking classes Yle explains many of interesting reasons why eating organic food can be so very important for health and for the local economy.        She promotes locally grown and sustainable  food habits,  personally knows farmers, wine makers, oil makers and she is passionate about all things being pesticide and synthetic fertilizers free.

What better way to start a cooking class than by shopping at the local farmer’s market, health food store and organic grocery store?     She helps students attending her organic cooking classes to “add into their ordinary repertoire organic cooking which dramatically increases the quality of their life and bring colors and variety to their  kitchen.”

You will go with Yle to the market and become comfortable with choosing the best products, flavorful ingredients,  and learn to cook in season since not only is the quality of  organic fruits and vegetables  better, but the cost is likely to be lower also.

Classes are hands-on designed with simple receipies that you can easily make at home. Week-long  or one day “farm to table” organic cooking courses including visits to local organic farms,  olive oil and wine tastings and cooking classes using organic ingredients.
At the end of the class you’ll taste the creations of your culinary experience and discover how easy it is to put some fresh and delicious organic ingredients together.

Look for the organic cooking classes in Puglia and contact Yle today!


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