New Taxi Rates Take Effect in Rome

2012 06 10 Taxi white New Taxi Rates Take Effect in RomeFinally, after years of speculation, taxi rates in Rome were discretely adjusted. With little fanfare, the new, higher rates were implemented on May 23, 2012.  What was confusing before – getting to Rome from FCO Airport – is now even more challenging because now there are multiple fixed rates, depending on your destination.

Airport Fees

Here is the official announcement: “After studies and tests carried out from Rome for Mobility Services at the request of the Department of Capital Mobility and Transport of Rome, were set at the following rates:”

Fiumicino (FCO) – Leonardo Da Vinci Airport

  • 45€  to/from the Fiumicino Airport and Roma Ostiense Train Station
  • 48€  to/from Fiumicino Airport and the fixed-rate-zone, inside the Aurelian Walls
  • 55€  to/from the Fiumicino Airport and the Roma Tiburtina Train Station
  • 120€  to and from the Fiumicino Airport and the port of Civitavecchia

Ciampino (CIA) – Giovan Battista Pastine Airport

  • 30€  to/from Ciampino Airport and the fixed-rate-zone, inside the Aurelian Walls
  • 30€  to/from Ciampino Airport and Roma Ostiense Train Station
  • 35€ to/from Ciampino Airport and the Roma Tiburtina Train Station

More Airport Fees Info
In addition, the new resolution also set a maximum figure of 70 for any trips that originate within the GRA and head directly to the Fiumicino airport. Thus, your worst-case scenario – if you catch a taxi inside the ring road – would be no more than 70. I can’t imaging where you’d be driving from in Rome that would generate that fare, but I imagine it’s possible – but not really applicable to where most visitors/tourists stay in Rome.
Also, another long-standing problem has been resolved. Now, the costs for a taxi from the City of Fiumicino that jumps into the queue and takes passengers to the fixed-rate taxi zone in Rome, will also be 48€. In the past, Fuimicino City taxis charged 48€ for trips into the city from FCO. Hopefully, this will mean more cabs into the queue – but now all at the same price.
All these fixed rates do include surcharges – Well, almost all surcharges. If you have more than one piece of luggage, then any ‘additional pieces” will cost 1 per bag. But there a no VAT fees added on…


In-town Fees

In addition to the Airport Fees, there are also changes to the “in-town” rates. La Giunta Capitolina approved the resolution on these new taxi rates:
– Initial charge on weekdays (6:00 – 22:00) € 3.00
– Initial charge on Sundays (6:00 – 22:00) € 4.50
– Fixed Quote Starting today (22:00 – 6:00) € 6.50
– Hourly rate euro / hr takes time vehicle speed is below 20km / h € 27.00
– T1 for speeds> 20 km / h € / Km 1.10
– T2 speed> 20 km / h € / Km 1.30
– T3 speeds> 20 km / h € / km 1.60
The first progression tassametrica (T1-T2) to determine when the initial fixed value indicated on the taximeter accumulate additional € 11.00, this time triggered by the second tariff progression (T2 = € 1.30) to the accumulation of further € 13 , 00, and from that time shooting the third tariff progression (T3 = € 1.60) until the end of the ride.
It ‘a fixed discount of 10% of amount shown on the meter in the following cases:
– direct routes to hospitals for locals
– for single women who use the service at night
– for young people leaving the clubs on Friday and Saturday after appropriate agreement with the operators of public premises.


While rates change immediately, there are thousands of meters that need to be changed! So, these “higher” metered rates may not take place immediately… or you may see you taxi driver get out a pencil and paper and calculate your NEW, adjusted rate!
While the resolution CALLS for all taxis, operating under the new rates, to provide machine-generated receipts… it comes across as a suggestion and not a mandate… Needless to say, many taxi companies will move quickly to update their meters but slowly to replace them with models that print receipts. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Despite the new agreement, there is still a lot of wiggle room for taxi drivers in Rome – who have ALWAYS felt under compensated – to “adjust” the rates. The law requires all taxi meters to be replaced in 30 days.
The bottom line is … you MAY not know your “bottom-line” price. Regarding airport fees, your fare will still depend on where you are starting from on your route to an airports; or to where you are headed when leaving the airports.

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