Yoga in Italy, Healthy Food Tours in Puglia

More than a vacation, more than a tourist, have an adventure in Italy with yltour  the creator of personal travel in Puglia, Italy.

Now you can bring friends and clients for a private Yoga retreat in Puglia.   But it is so much more:
healthy cooking lessons, explore mental and physical health techniques all in an incredible location.


YLTOUR  offers YOGA & HEALTH Retreats in Puglia.

Here’s a list of good reasons for joining our Yoga & Healthy Retreats in Puglia 
year round:
1. Exercise -. practice yoga and walk along the beautiful Puglia scenic roads
2. Healthy Food –cook with locals delicious vegetarian dishes and drink health juices
3. Breath – Learn techniques to increase vitality and happiness through simple emotions and actions
4. Live like a local – explore and taste like a local with sweet local people
5. Taste – amazing local wines and relax amidst the vineyards
6. Explore the benefits of the Mediterranean diet
7. Learn how to use good quality extra virgin olive oil and relax amidst olive trees

8. Relax – restore balance and enjoy an amazing travel experience with new warm local friends

9. Indulge in an art and creative travel experience
10. Think Positive – you are what you think .. positive thinking brings mental health and a peaceful, joyful mind.

Your daily schedule is full of fun and interesting activities: healthy cooking classes, art workshops, excursions.
Triple, Double, Single accommodation.
Minimum Group Size is 8 – with one free teacher with each 8 paid participants

Contact us for your Yoga group:  

See our other amazing offerings at:  yltour

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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