Alberobello Italy, a history of wood carving

As  I find myself returning Home to Italy for my 2012 adventure I reviewed all the interesting people I met on my trip last year:  the woman in a Venice bead shop who spoke little English but willingly spoke to me about learning to use a computer.

The vendor in one of the food markets in Florence who shared samples of cheese with me and was not angry that I could not buy any of his products since I would have surrendered it at immigration.

I found a business card from a man who did an extraordinary kindness for me during a downpour in Alberobello, Puglia.   During a torrential downpour when the street became a small river, he walked across the flooded street to give me his umbrella! 

I posted on You Tube the chat I videoed the next day when I returned the umbrella.
But I realized I had not posted this on Home to Italy.    He was such a delightful person he deserves to be recognized for his kindness and perhaps by my ‘paying it forward’. 

Now perhaps I can make him better known as a member of a wood carving family that have crafted olive wood into some wonderful works of art.

L’Arte dell’ Artigianto

In Alberobello, Italy.  This is a Unesco town in Puglia.   You feel as if you are in the village where the 7 dwarfs lived.   Amazing conical structures that are unique to Puglia, Italy

cover a large portion of the town.
They are private home, restaurants, shops and even the guest house I stayed in.

Far better than disney world and filled with very kind people.

A simple act of kindness that I shall not forget.   Would this happen while traveling in the USA?

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