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When traveling not all trips are  vacations, some are adventures, some for business or just the activity of getting from one place to another.

Planning an adventure/vacation/trip yourself often gives you as much satisfaction as taking the trip. 

However, when you want something special or beyond the basic you often need a professional to share the hidden places and people of the part of the world you are visiting.     This is when I call YLE   who creates dream adventures/vacations for travelers who wish to see Italy from the inside out.
In 2011 I found Yle on FB and she immediately saw that I had an Italian ‘dream’ to find una nonna (a grandmother) who would show me how to make pasta.
Before I even confirmed my flight Home to Italy Yle had scheduled a day with Nonna Vata.   I spend several hours learning to make 6 types of pasta.  Our conversation included living on a farm in Italy to current politics.  Her lovely granddaughter Deborah translated for me but it was amazing that Nonna and I could communicate in many ways.
So this year I am turning to Yle and to organize an extensive adventure in Puglia.
The towns I still wish to visit are: 

> Ostuni
> Cisternino
> Locorotondo
> Alberobello  (I spent a day there last year and wish to revisit the kind people who helped me)
> Monopoli
> Martina Franca  
> Gallipoli
> Otranto
This is an extensive list for someone who does NOT WANT TO TAKE THE BUS but I hope to see as many of the towns as possible.
But the MOST important reasons for going back to Lecce is to visit Yle and learn about her tours for 2013.  In 2012 she did a wonderful language event, a cooking event and yoga retreat.  But her list of offerings is endless:  photography, classic cars, cooking with locals, wine tastings, sports events, photography, art classes, language classes……   I could spend a month with her and never try it all!   She also does wedding planning, helps you find and visit your ansestrial home towns, friends holidays and more.

The hidden treasure this year is to finally meet MAMMA ANNA.
I have written about her before on    I have an idea that I hope to launch with Mamma A that you can read about in December and January at  
Have you used for your Italian adventures?
Can you suggest other towns I should see next month when I co Home to Italy?

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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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