Italy: shopping the market with Mamma

This is day four of my adventure in Lecce, Italy and I want to introduce you to Momma Anna.
I will be featuring Mama A every month.   Soon we will have skype calls with Momma where you can ask all the questions about Italy that are not in the tour books.

Why do men live at home until the are in their 30’s?
Do you cook lunch for everyone EVERY day?
Mamma, how do I remove red sauce from my table cloth?
Start saving your questions for Ciao Momma, coming soon.

Mamma A took me to the local produce market that she shops in a few times a week.  FRESH food is mandatory.     I will post a visit to the supermercato with Yle later, but visiting the local market was far more exciting.   Vendors were calling to each other, lovingly presenting their wares and the easy banter with customers felt perfect.  Even while I took photos during our visit everyone was freindly and greeted me as if I were a regular!

selecting olives


today’s cheese and ‘cold cuts’

So much better than my local Kroger store!

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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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