Life in Italy vs America part 1

After commenting on a recipe for veggies and pureed fava beans on Villa Magnolia’s web site I had an  interesting chat with one of the owners.   This is a dish I tried for the first time while in Puglia with and was amazed at how much I enjoyed this dish.
Growing up Italian American I thought I had heard of if not tasted everything Italian.  Just because I will never try tripe or eel, or other animal parts not meant to cook, I have eaten Italian for many, many years.
So when at a wine tasting lunch in 2011 I was surprised when small glass dishes, something you would serve pudding in, was placed on the table.   Being a good guest I poked at it until a table mate told me it was a vegetable dish.     I thought I had discovered a new treasure.
When back in the USA I found it was more difficult to find fava beans (not canned) than I thought.   Atlanta does not have the Italian stores I remember growing up in New Jersey so I just put this memory in my travel box.        Until this week when Leslie posted the following:
Fave e vendura:   fava beans and vegetables………
‘today’s typical Puglian meal, packed with vitamins and protein.   The dried Fava beans are boiled with a potato until soft (approximately 40 mins_  then pureed.
Served piping hot with a drizzle of olive oil and some green vegetables.  ie:  cioria (chicory?), beitola, (swiss chard), spinach etc. “
The combination of flavors was wonderful.  The same week I was introduced to this dish I met Nonna Vata (see post and video)  Pasta Lesson in Puglia with Nonna   While making pasta with Nonna she told me they made this dish when she was a child.  They cooked it in a crock and left in near the fire all day while they worked in the fields……

 View the villa in Puglia where Leslie and Ron offer their guests a taste of the food and the good life of Italy.   


See Part II soon

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