Italy: Lunch with an Italian family needs a tablecloth!

It was a great surprise when I was invited for lunch at the home of an Italian woman this fall during my 2012 trip trip Home To Italy.   I had met my hostess in 2011 on my first trip to Puglia.
Although I have visited Italy for many years and have several ‘friends’ I visit each time I am in their town, I know Italians can be formal with non family members.
After all the Italian language has formal and familiar words for addressing people you know casually or members of your family and close friends.   On occasions I have been reminded of this when the person I am speaking with corrects me!   

So this invitation was a pleasant surprise and an honor, but it also caused me some fear!     I had no idea what to expect.   Having lunch with Italian Americans might be a meatball sub at home!  Something I have not seen YET in Italy.  

How lovely to have Mama
join us for lunch.

Not knowing I would be visiting someones’ home I did not bring a contribution for lunch or any hostess ‘gift’.     Perhaps it is an Italian American ‘thing’ to bring something when you visit,  or it could be our way to be accepted.
This will take some reader feedback to discuss…..

I did not write down the instructions for this, but will be sure to ask, it was WONDERFUL


When we talked about Americans eating lunch in their cars as they dashed off to another
 appointment or errand my host was appalled!  

She told me she could NOT think of lunch without sitting  at the table with a TABLECLOTH!    Such a wonderful practice.

Life in Italy may be far more ‘sweet’ than I imagine.

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