The dolce Boss of Lecce

The bakery was the place we went on Sundays for a treat each week and a place were we always bought our Italian birthday cakes!   

       But in Lecce, dolce (sweets) is an art and the best artist I have ever seen and had the pleasure to meet, is Luca Capilungo.

    Yle was kind to introduce me to Luca during my visit last year.        With a huge retail store and a kitchen full of specialists  for chocolate, pastacciotto, almond paste, cookies (biscotti) and all the other parts that make up the endless array of cakes, cookies and chocolate treats you find in the store,  Luca took time to explain the art of baking……..

Behind the scenes the kitchen was busy and I had to hop out of the way many times
I was the American who go in the way when trays were ready to bake!
Cakes and seasonal favorites were not just on plates they were presented as pieces of art!
The endless stream of shoppers were making their selections for holiday events.

I have asked a friend to translate Luca’s story for us and I hope to post that here, soon.
But as you listen to his video you can see his deep love for his work and craft.

What was also amazing was the shop itself.   This was not the typical bakery with glass cases.  As we entered you became part of the entire theme of the store:  from the polar bears at the entrance to the fine details of crystal, glass tree ornaments, ceiling decorations, table accents……It was difficult to focus on the cakes but when I did I lost track of all the questions I had for my host.
Just gaze as some of the following and tell me if you had these at home?

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One thought on “The dolce Boss of Lecce

  1. Perfect hotel! It has been a fantastic resource of knowledge for me. All are perfect, I hope I can visit and taste their foods.This is my dream place, it's like a paradise. For for interest just . Thank you!


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