Italian Mediterranean Diet: Can you live longer too?

Part II   

The Mediterranean diet 

    You hear the word diet and begin to think about never eating bread or pasta again, not to mention chocolate!  

    But Yle the owner of,  a personal travel ‘creator’ in Puglia Italy, tells us what a Mediterranean diet can do for you.     I always enjoy finding a new post from Yle……don’t you?

Mamma Guilia makes sure the produce is fresh from the garden

t      From an article written by Yle and some of her many wonderful photographs……   this spring I hope to do a photo tour with Yltours in Puglia.  


“The World Cultural and Intangible Heritage defines the Mediterranean diet a dietary model to follow and extremely tasty. 
It is not only a healthy eating program, but also a way of life inspired by the physical and mental well being and consumption:  slow and shared meals to be eaten in the company of friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere.
Extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and fresh seasonal products, the Mediterranean Diet is in Puglia one of its main aspects and lifestyle.
Based on the fundamental principle of complete and balanced nutrition, in fact, it is inspired by the simplicity of the preparation and use of seasonal produce, fresh and mostly local, providing proteins, lipids and sugars with high nutritional value and low in cholesterol, as well as a substantial contribution of minerals, fiber and vitamins.

Olive oil, the main condiment of the Mediterranean diet, in addition to flavor, it is recommended primarily for its health properties and its beneficial effects on the heart.    Vegetables, legumes, grains (rice significantly, but also bread and pasta preferably whole grain) Fresh and dried fruit, tomatoes, dairy products (in moderation), fish and dietary fiber, are the key products of the Mediterranean diet.
Finally, drinking wine in moderation is a healthy habit according to the Mediterranean diet,  red wine in particular.
The king of the Mediterranean diet is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one of the most rich in natural antioxidants, able to act on free radicals, slowing the aging process of our cells.

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil plays a vital role in the prevention of diseases such as atherosclerosis, cholesterol disorders with heart disease and boosts immunity.    Our organism would require 2 tablespoons per day (preferably extra virgin), is used to flavor foods, adding to raw, both for the preparation of each type of recipe, including sweets, in place of butter.

Let’s try to summarize the Mediterranean way of life “at the table” summed up in a few, but critical strategic moves:      

Living in the moment of the meal as a social, sharing and meeting – family, friends – during which you consume food in a “slow” and aware manner.
  1. Eat bread (preferably wholemeal), made only with natural ingredients such as: water, flour and salt
  2. Eat pasta (wholemeal mainly) cooked al dente, then more digestible and season with tomato and extra virgin olive oil.
  3. Preference for unique dishes and highly nutritious pasta or rice with vegetables, soups, combined with seasonal vegetables in the same recipe.
  4. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a condiment.
  5. Eating fruits and vegetables in season to ensure a balanced intake of vitamins A and C.
  6. Cook the vegetables with a little water and re-use the same water (rich in vitamins and minerals) for the preparation of other foods.
  7. Eat fish instead of meat (especially the typical Mediterranean fish).
  8. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day
  9. Consume a glass of wine with meals
  10. Exercise regularly.   Even a walk can be a great exercise for the body and mind

    Choose your food carefully, become an aware consumer, take the time to your health and well-being, from a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.      Find on your table the simplicity and healthy  Mediterranean lifestyle.
Ylenia Sambati, Lifestyle, Food & Wine Expert

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Much to think about the next time you pick up lunch at a drive through……..

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