Real Italian Cooking: come to Puglia

A Mediterranean diet has been declared a healthy way to live and as I encounter Italians of an ‘advanced’ age who look vital and younger than their years, I have to believe there is something to this.

Our expert in Puglia, Yle Sambati the owner of (  has created the perfect culinary experience for  chefs and would be cooks to experience food preparation from the hands of an expert:  Mamma!                        

Read about the details below and check Part II on for Yle’s explaination on the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet!

                  Cook in Puglia: the Puglia culinary experience!
“The cooking class will take place in the spacious rustic traditional kitchen in a country house or in a private home and your teacher will be a Mum from the area.

 With her you will truly experience what “peasant cooking” in Puglia is: genuine, healthy, seasoned with the freshest products.
Cook with locals in a casual and friendly environment:      join this group of fabulous “Mamme in Cucina” and share teaching you some very delicious dishes. Classes are hands – on, using the freshest of ingredients and sampling olive oil and wine produced directly on the grounds.

Guests will be fully involved in every stage of the cooking class. Groups are kept small because keeping it personal make the guests truly feel comfortably and in good company.

You will be given a recipe book and an apron to take home with you.

We have Moms in many areas of the region, thus giving the opportunity for our friends to choose the closest mamma to their accommodation and spend with her this memorable day. They meet at some established check point or in the main Piazza and from there that wonderful day starts.

A cappuccino and cornetto to start in some popular bar (for the locals), a visit to a food market, some casual tastings along the way, the preparation of the meal hands-on and tons of fun pictures during the lesson.

All of our Moms are simply wonderful: lovely and excellent teachers when it is about cooking. They personally know every vendor they shop from and can reveal many interesting things on how to combine ingredients in an almost magical way.

They are the typical local mum, simple and genuine as their smile is and cooking with them is relaxing and fun. During the class they will show and teach you step by step how to make some very great Italian culinary stuff.

The “Mamme in Cucina” cooking class program is available year round: this incredible group of lovely mums will always be there for you to cook together.

If you would like to experience an authentic cooking class in Puglia with a local spectacular MAMMA, send an email with a date to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E’ necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. . During your unique food and wine experience you will be introduced to some incredible locals.’

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