Best Tour Guides in Italy

Dream of Italy has been posting a great list of tour guides throughout Italy.   Congratulations Yle!
I travel Home To Italy every year and try to stay 4 to 6 weeks.   In 10+ years I don’t think I have ever taken a tour in Italy before meeting Roberta in Bologna or my Blog Changing experience with Yle in 2011.
A simple conversation on FB led to my first visit to Puglia.
I am Italian American and thought I knew Italy but within a few hours of my arrival, Yle had taken the time to meet me at the only Internet location in the city and arranged ‘my adventure’.  
You see Yltour not only can plan your stay at a unique accommodation,  wine and olive oil tastings, cooking lessons with Mamma but she listens to your dreams and creates a way for you to realize them.
My dream was to ‘have una nonna  (a grandmother) teach me to make pasta’.     Yle arranged to have her staff pick me up at the hotel and whisk me away to Nonna Vata’s house.  Here I met her granddaughter Debora (who runs an incredible active sports business) translated what I could not follow.
But my new Nonna was easy to understand, quick to smile and happy to have the house full for a few hours.      No,  most tourist would not be interested, preferring full cooking classes.
Not for me.
Next her staff took me to a wine tasting at one of the biggest vineyards.  Here I met and interviewed Yle for my blog.   
Neither of us realized we would work together on many projects over the next year.    
Thank you Kathy McCabe publisher of Dream of Italy, for listing in your top tour companies.
Kathy wrote:
“Yle is simply one of our favorite people in all of Italy.    She has  Puglia running through her blood and can take you to spots that only natives now about, like the  Cava di Bauxite, a stunning hidden cave that will take your breath away”
If you love Italy, subscribe to Dream of Italy and let Yle make your dream come true….

Ylenia Sambati    (39) 0832 318536



from 150 e per person (200e per couple) full day

See the June/July 2012 issue of

Dream of Italy  for more info from Kathy

See posts here and at mature solo travel for several other Yltour events this year:  photography and a classic car event that includes elegant accommodations, transportation and most meals!

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