La Pasquetta or Little Easter in Italy

Photo curtusy of internet
Easter Monday in Italy is La Pasquetta
Last year I started to post stories about Puglia thanks to Yle with , the travel expert for this part of Italy that may still be a secret.
In a post about Pasquale (Easter) Yle described the special breads, decorated cakes and baskets from the local pasticceria.  
A new travel friend in Como, Vittoria, took time from her busy schedule to share this about Pasquetta:  

Lake Como:  sun hitting hill in winter

“The “famous” Pasquetta is the day after Easter so it’s on Monday.     It’s a day off from work and usually all the Italian people spend this day going out: for a pic-nic in a park, to visit a city, to have a walk in the open air with friends or relatives.     …….to have some sports after the big lunch of Easter!”

“We don’t have any particular things in Como, I know that anyone who has the possibility is going for a pleasant walk up on the mountain or also on the lake, maybe with the ferry; shops are usually closed on this day so everyone spends the day out, also to welcome the new season!”

If you have visited Como you know there are many places to enjoy the the coming spring.

Today while ‘chatting online’ with a new contact in Venice, Monica who has a BnB  outside of Venice and also teaches Italian told me:

For pasquetta in Veneto we usually organise picnics near the rivers or in Venice in those islands above, cooking boiled eggs, torta pasqualina (spinach and eggs), leftovers from Easter day and lots of cold meats and cheeses. Always with lots of Colomba (the dove bread/cake) and Easter eggs.


Here on the Riviera del Brenta it is a tradition from the past for all young people to go on the Brenta river and have massive picnics all together, (not with their families) , bringing their scooters and motorbikes and just have fun eating and drinking


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