Easter Processions in Italy

Easter in Como, Italy

Lake Como Easter Processions

          I wrote earlier this week about the processions in Sorrento, Italy.    Today I had a lovely surprise from Elene,  a travel ‘friend’ I met in Como during the winter.  http://bit.ly/10kdogU  She and her friend Victoria have been kind to send my updates on ‘Italian life in Como’ as I write on different topics.

         “Of course in Como we have lots of traditions in this area….. for  example the “holy Friday” (good Friday in the USA).  During the night people make a procession along the street… in Como it’s very beautiful….    In the morning the faithful stand in line to “kiss the croix” in the ancient church of “Crocefisso” (not in the Duomo)lots of time waiting your turn.
Then in the afternoon everything is closed for the procession time in the old city….  people bring (carry)  the holy croix.
Then on Saturday, usually, people prepare the Easter lunch with lamb …   On Sunday everything is closed… and people spend the day with their family …. and children have their Easter egg….made of chocolate.

Como continued:
“Monday “lunedi dell’angelo… the angel’s day or Pasquetta”……absolutely with firends….if it’s a sunny day, a barbecue…. “all’italiana” means with lots of food…rice, spaghetti, meat, lasagne…and so on …and off course close to the lake.”
“But this is a really rainy year so ……..a barbecue at a friend’s house is a good choice.”     “People who have more money usually organize a break outside (away).”
 “The best of Easter is the chocolate…. you can find everything made of chocolate….for example chocolate bunnies or chocolate chickens…. and the traditional Easter egg…  This is a photo of mine…… nobody is too old for this chocolate present.
Sorrento Processions for Easter:  an historic celebration

for the complete story see this link, thanks to Yvonne and Santa Anna Sorrento Lingue

I planned my 3 month sabbatical in Italy to arrive prior to the Easter events.   I was not prepared for the two day event.
Does your home village/city celebrate Easter with processions?

There were two major events.   One on Friday that depicted the death of Christ.  One on Mary.

I know, Americans will think of a southern organization (K) that this will remind them of but there is NO similarities.

The entire town of Sorento participated in the two processions.    If you are not part of the countless groups that walk in the multi hour long procession than you are out in the street at 4 am to watch or follow the procession.

The beginning of the procession starts at one of the towns many churches.

All the above photos were purchased from a local photographer.

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2 thoughts on “Easter Processions in Italy

  1. Just stopping by from a-z challenge. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this blog, I lived in France for a short time, working for an Italian family. I did make a short trip to Pisa as well, so this brings back some memories. Thanks, it was lovely. 🙂


  2. Jessica, I love it when readers just 'find' me on the web! I try to write about daily life in Italy as I have viewed it during my 20+ visitsWould you consider doing a short post on 'working with \”an Italian expat family\”? I think that coudl be very interesting!…


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