Amalfi from the sea


A is for Amalfi, Italy
Has everyone heard of the Amalfi drive? The narrow road that hugs the cliff with incredible sea views? I only hope the bus driver does not try to admire the view while he negotiates the hairpin turns and avoids the trucks and cars that seems to brush by with only inches between us. This is why I chose to visit Postitano and Amalfi on the Sorrento coast by BOAT. And on a sunny day the view from the boat reveals how the houses, hotels and churches are almost built into the rock or are stuck to the landscape by super glue!

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

7 thoughts on “Amalfi from the sea

  1. Yes, nearly 20 years ago. We rented a little Fiat and were wisely informed to drive NORTH not south. It was beautiful, but hair raising as trucks would pass on blind curves. We pulled over at one point to admire the ocean view, and below us was twisted metal and rusted car parts. Will never forget


  2. wow,you are brave! i spent 3 months in Sorrento testing if I can live in Italy solo and only did tourist trips the last 2 weeks…..and i would not take the bus, i took the ferry….on a sunny day it was wonderful.i could never figure out how the residents of the small towns up and down the coast were able to 'get around'….


  3. Wonderful. I've been looking for a great blog to hop w/ as part of the A to Z challenge, and this looks like a good fit. I love Italy, though have only spent a few days there. I especially like the 2nd pic.


  4. Hi, just hopped over on the A – Z Challenge – your blog attracted me because it's about Italy and I love the place. I've stayed in the Lake Garda area so many times I could become a travel rep, also stayed several times at Minori on the coast. One year went from Minori to sorrento on the boat then came back on the bus and thought it an absolutely brilliant ride, I just love those bends where the back of the bus almost overhangs the cliff!Good luck with the Challenge, I'm looking forward to reading more about the country I fell in love with 18 years ago.


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