B is for Bologna Italy*

  • I  have been going home to Italy since I first studied in Florence many years ago.  But started going yearly for long periods of time the past 7 years.     Bologna was always a city that just didn’t fall into the time line on trips from Florence to Venice, but I am glad I finally spent a few days there.

bolognabologna_piazza_piccione-MPhoto Apr 14, 1 03 13 AM-MPhoto Apr 14, 1 06 15 AM-M

A fellow Italian American and friend of mine is from Bologna and takes MUCH better photos.  You can actually purchase his work for framing for made into note cards:    mferrara@matthewferrara.com    All his work is under copy write.

During my visit to Bologna I actually took a tour of the city.  Usually I will stumble along in a new town and explore all the streets and alleys but I am so glad I decided on a tour by a local.    I met Roberta Buldrini and was enthralled for 3 hours with history, local lore and information on all the great places to eat and shop.   I could have gone all day!

On our way to one of the many historic churches we needed to see BEFORE they closed at noon, we detoured into some of the wonderful food and cake stores…..I did not want to leave.
Roberta was listed in the Dream of Italy best tour guide list: 


Bologna is know for FOOD and at lunch that day I tried dishes that made my mouth sing…  I shall be back to Bologna this year.
*  this is part of month long blogging event:  one blog a day and the topic is the letter of the alphabet for that day.  Tomorrow is C

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6 thoughts on “B is for Bologna Italy*

  1. short because I only spent one day there and I find it hard to write something 'deep' unless I am either in Italy or know the city well, but I cant bore you this way! more to come


  2. We finally made it to Bologna in 2009. LOVED the city, like Firenze-shops, restaurants, churches, art, but less touristy. We were there just a night and part of the next day. We went there specifically to eat mortadella and pasta bolognese. We are making a return trip in September and bringing friends and family with us. Can't wait!! Going to day trip to Parma and Modena also.


  3. Bologna is charming and I need to return to see more of it. A food tour of the city would be wonderful. I understand Roberta (the tour guide I mentioned here and in another blog) does a food tour…..she can take me to all the bakeries, enjoy your adventure. and thanks for reading the alphabet posts


  4. thanks for reading the alphabet blog….I cant take credit for all the photos, Mr. Ferarah has a great knowledge of the city but Roberta, the tour guide in teh story, was a great way to learn about the city. If you visit, plan to eat!


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