F is for Fiat 500 The BEST!

F:  Fiat
Fiat 500 or Cinquecento!

When you hear Fiat you think of Italy the way you would if I said Pizza, Gelato, Roma!


 Even after many, many years there is still a love affair with the Cinquecento or Fiat 500

After a semester in Florence during college I was not able to return for a few years.   I took a college friend with me and YES, I looked up my ‘Italian Boyfriend’, but relationships 8,000 miles apart with a language barrier don’t often survive.  \
On this trip I took we rented a Fiat 500 and planned to drive to Spain.     We only knew at the time that the 500 was CHEAP.  But it also was SMALL.

Today we would call it classic.

Recently Fiat started to sell the New 500 here in the USA in Atlanta, Ga is one of the cities with a large dealership.

Perhaps I need another Cinquecento for a trip across the USA.

Have you driven a Fiat 500?  Share your story….

All these photos were shared with me by
Birgitte Brøndsted Photography.    

I saw some of her incredible photos on another blog and found here on face book.

From her blog, A Dusty Olive Green Birgitte says:

Photographer at heart, translator by profession, blogger out of passion. That’s me. I’m Danish, from Copenhagen, but I have lived abroad most of my life, since I was 19 years old. I am madly in love with Rome, which has been my home for more than 10 years, but right now I live in Florence, which isn’t so bad either.

A” DUSTY OLIVE GREEN is a blog on photography and travel, but not only.    It’s the world of a Copenhagener living the sweet life in Tuscany, where she wanders the streets with a camera around her neck and a toddler in a stroller her hand.

  I’m addicted to coffee, Instagram and my Mac. I love the sea, great food, September in Rome and the smell of summer rain.
 I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old and I’m a firm believer in optimism and simple living.

I am probably more in love with places than most other people are. I think that the importance of cities and the bounds we have to them are highly underestimated. I believe that every city has its own soul, independently of who is living in it, and I know for sure that you can fall in love (really in love) with a city. I have.  “

All text and images on A DUSTY OLIVE GREEN are copyright Birgitte Brøndsted, unless otherwise stated.   Contact Brigitte directly if you are interested in an of her work.   http://www.adustyolivegreen.com

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

8 thoughts on “F is for Fiat 500 The BEST!

  1. I would absolutely love to have a Fiat 500 – one of the older ones though, not a modern one, but finding one in the UK now is just about impossible. I once saw my dream one while on holiday in Minori a few years ago – parked in the street below our hotel balcony was a red one with a sun roof. It looked in mint condition and was my favourite colour – I felt like mugging the driver for his keys and driving off in it!


  2. Whenever one is parked in Italy there is ALWAYS a crowd around it.perhaps if i find one on my next trip, i can drive it to you! That would make a great stroy: cross eupope in a c. 500


  3. Opps, i sent this email to the link on your blogg thinking it was your email, sorry to whoever received it….I saw you comment today on il cinquecento that I posed for the 26 day challenge to blog once a day via the alphabet.So glad you found me even if I have no idea how!But as I read your bio I began to think you are PERFECT for a guest post on my new (upcoming) blog on solo mature travel, no not old people but maybe beyond the overnight train, hostels with 18 year olds…Would you be interested in posting something on alternative travel accomodations: tents etc?I am researching here in the USA for a trans country car trip where I could stay in camp grounds that rent out RVs (trailers) for the night.I hope you will consider this. Too bad you are so far from London….i may be passing through this may and it would have been great to do an interview, LIVE>Lee(to be launched soon: http://www.maturesolotravel.com)


  4. Hi Lee, I found you on the A – Z sign up list and just had to join your blog with it being about Italy – a country I fell in love with eighteen years ago.I'd be happy to do a guest post about tents/camping on your upcoming blog if you let me know what sort of thing you want, though it will have to be in a while as my time on the pc at the moment is taken up with the Challenge and also trying to write about my latest camping trip. A shame our paths won't cross if you do come over here, though I must admit London isn't a place I ever really want to go to.http://tigermousetales.blogspot.co.uk/


  5. I could not find the email link i had before so shall post on home to italy.i agree, writing EVERY day has been a challenge. I write often but it is always something that has caught my attention or something I observed that day….finding an appropriate Letter is more diffiuclt.so i understand….when you find the time just send it on or if you have a prior post over the years that will suite the topic (following) that is grat too. Just an introduction and anyting on \”alternative places to stay\”, in your case it would be campping…… anything a solo travelers should consider FIRST, age groups you encounter on your trips, etc…..Just let me know if you have anything to share…I am working on a story: is it possible to travel on $100.00 a day (or 100 Euros) and how far can you go…. so camping would be an alternative but I would need a cabin rental or on site camper van rental, not able to drag equipment with me… there is aprogram in Austarlia where you can drive a renal caravan to another location for just the cost of the fuel….but they too drive on the left….too many challenges for a whimp. shall look for your post on monday.


  6. Fiat and Italy are almost synonymous with each other. The Fiat is such a great car for Italy as the size means it is so much easier to park it, although double or triple parking is quite natural if they can't fit in, lol.


  7. Fiats, Pizza, Gelatto, attractive men making me coffee in the morning…..all things Italian put a smile on my face.the new Fiat here in the USA is advertising 40 MPG, perhaps this would be fun for across the USA


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