Glass Art in Sorrento, meet Massimo: A to Z challenge

Glass Art:  Color, Design, Beauty

                                                 One of the custom glass panels

             In an earlier post I wrote about a stranger who could become a mentor after an unplanned meeting.   Last December when I returned to Sorrento Italy, where I had lived on a sabbatical, I revisited Yvonne in her new studio and showroom.


Yvonne and Massimo in front of their new shop

            This year she introduced me to her partner Massimo, who
is a glass artist.   He was kind enough to speak with me while he worked on a wonderful piece that would become a plate for a client.    This is a post that is best ‘written’ with photos and I only wish I were a better photographer to show you the colors and details of his work.

            Massimo creates the original design for each piece.   The glass is hand cut  and the color is selected to fit into the design.    While we spoke he finished a piece without hesitation.   His eye easily sees what color is needed and cuts or trims the glass to the appropriate size and shape


It starts with an original design

          Once the glass is heated the many pieces melds into a wonderful color story.   I would have enjoyed seeing all his work in front of a window on a sunny day.

 Think about taking a class with Massimo on your next trip to Italy!   

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3 thoughts on “Glass Art in Sorrento, meet Massimo: A to Z challenge

  1. I tried to leave you a message on your blog without success…. when you are ready to return home to italy let me know, i have a wonderful painter in rome who has a 'class' for travelers to go out and sketch in rome, a phototgrapher in Firenze and i shall have others over the next few months. thank for reading Home to Italy


  2. Ciao Amanda, if you've been in our shop several years ago, you probably don't know that instead of a shop in the center of Sorrento and a workshop in Massalubrense we now have one bigger shop/workshop in Sant'Agnello (about 2 km from the center of Sorrento). Now you can see what we make and how we make it at the same time, and the space is also more suitable for doing classes. Everyone who is interesting to see how we make our items is welcome. More information you can find on our fanpage on facebook: or on our website I also saw your blog and have some nice artists here in the area for you, I will introduce them also to Lee the next time she come. You have both very interesting blogs and thanks both for writing about us !


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