Italy Home Study Italian with Monica, in Venice

    H is for 
    Home Study:  Learn Italian at Home          with Monica

    Have you always wanted to speak Italian?Monica and Chris, your hosts in Italian Homestay
    Have Lessons and tapes never worked?
    Now you can live with an Italian family and learn to speak from day to day life as an Italian!

    I found Monica on Face Book (of course) when I asked  what islands in Venice are never on the tourist list and later she gave me a great link on how to take a boat to visit the villas west of Venice. 
    While looking at her web site for her B & B outside of Venice I discovered that she is a teacher and has created a Home Study program for travlers who want to be immersed in Italian life while they learn the language.

    I am in Italy every year and often try to take a class or several classes to remmeber all the words I have forgotten over the year.    If I do not speak the language while away from Italy it takes me a week or more before I can understand simple commands! 

    So staying with a teacher would be the perfect combination
    And it includes food!  
    Venice, Great Food, Italy: how perfect

    Part I

    Study Italian in Venice in a teacher’s home: intensive, fun and effective
    Why take a course in Italian language, if then with friends or colleagues you only speak English?
    Many complain about the foreign language courses they take in Italy or abroad with other native English-speaking students because they realize they do not speak as much Italian as they should during the course.

    To learn a foreign language it is necessary to forget someone’s own mother tongue, and this is possible only when you are forced to speak just with foreigners.

    If you are looking for something different – something special – then consider the idea of studying Italian in Monica’s home in the beautiful province of Venice, on the Riviera del Brenta, where all the beautiful Palladian villas are based. It is ideal for those who need to learn quickly, as the course is very intensive.    

    There are short courses for people who do not have much time and dates and times are flexible. You will spend a lot of time in the company of Italians and you can immerse yourself in the “real” Italian life, interacting with the locals. The course is intended not only to strengthen and intensify the learning, but the student in this way will also have the opportunity to learn about customs and traditions of Venice, Veneto and Italy in general.

    The course is a true “full immersion”, and the student will have the opportunity to feel part of a “family” and to live in a real life context. Living in the house of the teacher is a method of study that goes far beyond the simple way and that extends to everyday life, meals, visits, socialization, activities, etc.

    Monica and her family live in a 4 bedroom house which is also a B&B, which they usually close during the home-stay, to ensure full attention to the students. The students are accommodated in a spacious room with en-suite bathroom, a double bed, a desk, a television and a large wardrobe.

    Wi-Fi and a computer are on offer for free in the bedroom.

    What is a home tuition?
    The student resides with Monica and her family and follows the regular lessons in her home. Private lessons at teacher’s home is a great way to learn Italian for many reasons:
    · you will follow lessons with a qualified and experienced teacher totally committed to help you
    · lessons and supporting materials will be chosen appropriately for your needs and your level of knowledge
    · you will study intensively, but in a relaxed and friendly environment
    · you will be immersed in the Italian language and you will learn in a natural way all the time. You will have many opportunities to practice your Italian, supported and encouraged both at home and outside
    Typically, the minimum period is one week, and the majority of students remains from 1 to 4 weeks choosing between 10 – 15 – 20 hours per week. The classes are usually held in the morning from Monday to Friday. During the weekend there is always a day trip to Venice and the Veneto, visiting the most famous monuments but also those hidden parts only known to locals! P
    The course includes:
    10-15-20 hours a week of private lessons
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner with the teacher and the family (Monica is also a cooking teacher, so you will learn to cook Italian too)
    A weekly trip to Venice and other areas of Veneto
    One or two afternoons with the teacher going around shopping or engaging in other social activities.
    So if you want to learn more than a language, but the real “Italian” life-style, get in touch now    Monica Cesarato

Click here for Part II

Italian Language Homestay: Learn Italian in Italy

Monica and Chris, your hosts in Italian Homestay
You will be staying in our house, surrounded by ourItalian family and friends, you will be taking part in all of our daily life activities and at the same time you will be taking daily Italian language lessons.
The courses are taylor-made to suit each student level of knowledge of the Italian language and personal requirements (business,school or leisure).
The course can be of 10-15-20 hour a week lesson, at the weekend there are excursions in the beautiful area of Venice and Veneto.
Learn Italian in an Italian family
Practise your Italian for all day long
– Learn about Italian customs and lyfestyle
– Make Italian friends
– Visit Venice and Veneto
– Learn some Venetian cooking recipes too.
– Enjoy your lessons in a quiet environment with a patient and experienced teacher.
I will teach you the basic of Italian or help you to improve your existing level, you live with a real Italian family (mine) and share your meals with us, you will  experience the Italian way of life and speak Italian all the time , away from the tourist trails and all for a short while.
A week course runs Saturday till Saturday (student guests must arrive onSaturday and  leave on Saturday).
Lessons are held for 2-3-4 hours a day (according to schedule). On the Sunday a day in Venicewill take place. The lessons are held in the morning, leaving the afternoons free. The stay includesfull board in our family in a double room with ensuite bathroom, 10-15-20 hours Italian language course (according to schedule chosen by student), an excursion per week, airport pickup.. It does not include flight, the cost of bus/vaporetto transport in Venice, any extra taken outside of the house.

A typical day with 20 hours lesson

Monday: 8-00 Breakfast   – Enjoy a typical Italian breakfast with the family.
9.00– 13.00     – Italian Lesson with your personal teacher
13.00-14.00: Enjoy a typical Italian menu lunch
15.00-18.00: free afternoon
19.00-20.00: Enjoy a typical Italian menu dinner
20.00: Drinks in a typical Italian bar or watch an Italian DVD
Sunday: 8-00 Breakfast   – Enjoy a typical Italian breakfast with the family.
9.00– 13.00     – Excursion
13.00-14.00: Enjoy a typical Italian menu lunch
15.00-18.00: Excursion
19.00-20.00: Enjoy a typical Italian menu dinner
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information

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