Rome Artist Kelly Medford

Living your dream…..Kelly Medford is and it helps that she has talent

caffarella_me_may2012_emailThis is a bigger story than one post will cover, I had planned to write this as soon as I returned from Rome in late December. 

So the A to Z challenge will give me the perfect opportunity to tell you about Kelly.

I ‘found’ Kelly on the Browsing Rome blog, a wonderful source of place to eat in Rome and places to visit on short day trips.   I will need a few weeks living in Rome to make a dent in this list.

  Kelly arrived in Florence to attend a renowned art school and if I am correct has not left Italy!   She is living the dream many of us have after spending time in Italia!
I did a semester in Florence as well and only now after too many years am returning to live there as often as possible.

What caught my attentions:   Kelly was doing a similar challenge to finish one painting a day for 120 days!  This gave me an idea in November that I could do a blog a day while I was Home to Italy.   I had no idea it would be so difficult and I am still writing about all the wonderful encounters I had on the 6 week adventure. 


After contacting Kelly prior to my trip she agreed to allow me to shadow her one morning.
Usually I am not welcome with this ‘age group’ since the world thinks if you are over 50 your should be dead.  
But Kelly was very receptive and we met on a street near the Spanish steps that is famous for past artist.


Kelly takes her folding paint box with her and bikes to all her locations. You can see on her web page that some appear to be outside of Rome but are just away from the city center.


Kelly Medford – Workshop – Cityscaping in Rome

Each day we will head to a new location and spend 3 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon

She has several other workshops schedule in Venice, Umbria and Rome sketch and paint days………Why be a tourist, take a class with Kelly for an experience you cant find in a tour book…

There will be more about Kelly after I finish the A to Z challenge..    even a mini movie

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