L Learn a Language at SASL: don’t just be a tourist be a traveler

  L is for Learning…..and Sant’Anna Institute Sorento Lingue   is the perfect place for travelers to Learn ……

  Before I moved to Sorrento, Italy for a sabatical, I had not heard of SASL.    After arriving in Sorrento I had an ‘interview’ with Olga Stinga, the director for the schools’ study abroad program.  She was going to explain the program and assess what level language class I should enter.

 Within 5 minutes I had spoken all the Italian I knew from former attempts to learn Italian.  I was able to join a beginners  program with a group of international (adult) students.    What amazed me was the class was taught totally in Itaian…..no constant reference to the students native language..  

Dott.ssa Olga Stinga (rt)
Study Abroad Program Coordinator 

And perhaps this is the primary reason we all started speak Italian before the week wasfinished!          

 I asked Olga to tell me what she enjoys about her work and she kindly shared the following with me: 

  “I’ve been working here at Sant’Anna for 8 years and I adore my work!  I am the Head of the Italian department and I take care of the organization of Italian courses, accommodation, free time activities ; excursions for all the adult students that travel to Sorrento to experience Italy to learn our beautiful language.”

“What I like about my job?    The possibility to meet thousands of people that become part of the Sant’Anna family and who enjoy their stay (in Sorrenot) thanks to the care we put into each activity or event we organize for them.: “Passion is the word I would use as a key word for our job/work.  The smile of our students is our best prize” In the 8 years I’ve met about 6000 students and I can say that I remember all their names!
And , 75% of these students returned for a language-study holidayt least once.”  

Nuzzia:  patient, and always cheerful, she
never laughed at my poor pronucitation
Bianca:  her first day teach was our class
of international students who did not all
speak English!

How astounding to have such a high repeat/return rate.  But I return every time I am in the Sorrento area.   I have taken a refresher course and last year Olga was kind enough to do an interview for me on my project comparing Italian American traditions with those practiced in Italy.
 The school offers an incredible 50+ program for adult travelers and can arrange a wide assortment of ‘learning breaks’ for travelers who do not want to be tourists.   I believe you can learn to cook, make real pizza, gelato.  Visits can be arranged to local craftsment, farms, historic sites and more.

The school is housed in a former convent located not far from the center of Sorrento and near the small fishing area of Marina Grande.   The view from the windows overlooking the sea is so intoxicating that the desks for all the members of SASL face AWAY from the windows!  

When I return next year, and of couse I shall return, I shall ask Olga if I may sit and just look out of any of the school windows…..

Experience italian and discover the Sorrento Peninsula with
the Special 50+ Program OR in summer time!

http://hometoitaly.blogspot.com/2012/05/include-learning-italian-on-your-next.html  link to the 50+ program

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