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Yle Sambati

STUDY ITALIAN IN SALENTO Yle ( launches a new cultural program!

      Learn Italy Salento,  an Italian Language School is a newly founded language center based in the Salento (Puglia) area, a new division of the YLTOUR and COOKINPUGLIA network. 

     Founder, Ylenia Sambati, is a Puglia Travel and Lifestyle expert constantly working for the promotion and sharing of the Italian culture, food and language in order to strengthen relationships between Puglia and new friends from all over the globe.   
Learn Italy Salento promotes Italian culture and language and arranges for students and Italian language lovers, coming from all over the world to participate in language courses and Italian cultural experiences.
Learn Italy Salento is the best place to attend Italian language classes in Salento in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and to experience Italian language, culture, wine and food specialties.

Classes are kept small, ensuring students all the dedication and attention needed.
Local Italian teachers, teaching you the language in a very informal yet professional way will focus on grammar, conversation, a constant focus on pronunciation and the introduction of new words every day.    Daily classes with accomplished Italian teachers able to focus exactly on your own personal requirements helps students learn Italian quickly.

Cooking Puglia features Mamma Anna

         Classes can be customized according to your level of proficiency:  from beginner to advanced.        Our Italian teachers are qualified native speakers experienced, dedicated, friendly and flexible with a great ability to explain things simply and clearly.    At Learn Italy Salento we combine communicative teaching methods and grammatical structure. Conversation for us is all important, as well as teaching about the local people, their culture, their way of life, habits and customs and of course food and wine.

        A perfect balance between useful everyday conversational language and grammar. Italian Conversation classes are a highlight at Learn Italy Salento: practicing spoken Italian joining a conversation group hosted by one of your teachers and have time for students to chat with native speakers in a very relaxed and informal manner. 

       Students will gain more and more confidence to express themselves talking various topics and greatly improving their knowledge of Italy while expanding their vocabulary. Learn Italy Salento, teaches Italian and gives a lot of information about Italy, Italian people and their culture. It is an ideal choice for a short-term learning experience and also a good occasion to enrich your Holiday in Puglia.

Get in touch with Ylenia and give her your personal requirement and the level of Italian instruction you are interested in.   Ylenia  will get back to you asap.     Accommodations available,vary in type and price range,  self catering flat or hotels at an additional cost.

Contact us at for more information on 1. learning Italian in Salento, 2.  for an unforgettable cooking course or   3. wine tasting lessons in the wonderful area of Salento. (Puglia)

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