Sorrento: Learn Italian while visiting Italy

50% off the course fee for BASIC Italian  in July, August and September  2013 at Sant’Anna Institute Sorrento Lingue     

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Are you traveling to Italy this summer?  Have you always wanted to learn Italian?   This is the perfect opportunity to take a travel break and learn something new.
Studying in a foreign country is not only for exchange students.  


 Adults, solo travelers, couples or families can enroll in a short program to learn basic Italian

Consider a learning experience at SASL:
A family learning experience
If you are traveling solo, a great way to interact with locals

Travel is not all shopping, museums and restaurants
Bring home a memory that will stay with you and perhaps change your view of travel



Italian Basic Course from 190 euro!
BASIC COURSE Duration Total
Participants Euro 
min. max.
1  week
2 weeks
3 weeks 60 12  540
4 weeks 80 12 720

For details contact:
148-1-piccolo-1-olgaStudy Abroad Program Coordinator Olga StingaHead of Italian Language Department.
MA in Comparative Studies (Polish, English, Spanish), “Orientale” University of Naples (2003)
Contact Olga:

A short history
Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue (SASL) was founded in 1998 as Sorrento Lingue.  The founder and director, Dr. Cristiana Panicco, native of Torino, fell in love with the town of Sorrento and started the organization as a language school.
A couple years after the school was founded, Dr. Panicco started hosting study abroad students in affiliation with US universities.  SASL works closely with SUNY Alfred State College, our regionally US partner, accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, to offer students a wild range of academic courses.  SASL is both a study abroad location and an international language school for Italians and foreigners who would like to learn Italian, English, Spanish German, French and Japanese.  SASL is a constant international community of cultural exchange.
SASL changed its name from Sorrento Lingue to SASL in 2010 when it moved to a historical building that previously housed the “Istituto Sant’Anna,” a convent founded in 1864 by an order of nuns named “Suore di Carità dell’Immacolata Concezione d’Ivrea”.  The nuns set up a nursery school and later an elementary school, a junior secondary school (1940), a teacher’s training school (1981) and a high school with an emphasis on languages (1988).  Until 1985, the “Istituto Sant’Anna” hosted a girl’s boarding school, several apostolic activities and the parish service. SASL courses and programs are conducted in classrooms overlooking the picturesque fishing village, Marina Grande or the school’s gardens.  In the spring of 2013, the school will become a full-fledged campus with dormitories for up to 50 students!

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