More Festivals in Puglia Italy: summer 2013

  FESTIVAL IN Puglia 2013

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29/30 Giugno, 2013 – Bari

Ninth Edition of Water in the head Music Festival in Bari The program will have two high-profile headliner, Italians Boomdabash with the new album “Superheroes” and the British ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION presenting the album “The Signal & Noise” with new live show in the first national total. Admission is free.

July 6 to 20, 2013 – Salento
Worlds End 2013 to cross history, scenery, food and stories . It is a celebration, a time of study, a journey of discovery. Worlds End runs throughout the SalentoLecce, Otranto, Maglie, the Castle of Acaya (Vernole) and many villages, streets, farms. Strips of land where Italy ends and the sea begins. Places of stories and legends of assaults, achievements, culture, beauty and art.
13-20-26 July – Ruvo di Puglia (Bari)

Music Festival structured in 3 different days:
Saturday, July 13: From Siena Carolina, Do not Ask Me, Cosmo, Management of postoperative pain .
Saturday, July 20: Frankie Plunk, Moustache Prawn, Aucan (dj + vj set) .
Friday July 26: Sadside Project, Mariantonietta, Vadoinmessco .

 STREAM FEST – International Festival digital echo-sounder
Edisione VII – July 13, 2013 – Taranto

Born in 2007,  StreamFest  has now become one of the international festival of cultures eco-digital audio and experiments – visual the most anticipated of the summer and this year will be held in one of the most picturesque places in Italy: Puglia. StreamFest is contemporary art, digital, electronic music, video art and love for the environment. July 13: Kevin Sauderson, Viale Ionian (Taranto).

From 13 July to 1 August 2013 – Martina Franca (Taranto)

The billboard – sealed with a motto this year is taken dall’incipit of a famous madrigal Pomponio Nenna of Bari, a contemporary of Carlo Gesualdo – is usually rich and varied, with five works, including an opera for children specially commissioned , two precious evenings in the sign of Wagner and Verdi, a series of concerts of sacred music and chamber music, including madrigals, lieder and jazz, for a total of twenty-eight appointments. Programme

19/20/21 July 2013 – Massafra (Taranto)

Levante Dance Festival is a Festival of Dance in the heart of the Mediterranean, 2nd EDITION. Will be held in the Massafra 19/20/21 / July 2013. The event stands as the only one of its kind in Southern Italy. The event will be placed in an area full of charm, culture and history as that of Puglia, and will be planned for this free guided tours aimed at those who want to learn more about the extraordinary natural, cultural and commercial. 

 Baccatani Wave 2013
Summer 2013 – Tower Regina Giovanna (Brindisi)
And like any self-respecting crop, this will be preceded by a party that is most suited to the uses and customs of Torre Regina Giovanna, a Bacchanal!
20.07.2013 Raphael Gualazzi – Happy Mistake
10.08.2013      NEFFA
26-27-28 June 2013 – Bari

Nell ‘last week of June, in the Summer Music Village, the waterfront of Bari will be transformed into a jazz club outdoors. Back, in fact, for its ninth edition Bari In Jazz.  Ibrahim Maalouf choose Bari as the only Italian date, kicking off the Festival.

From July 26 to ’10 August 2013 – Locorotondo (Bari)
With the first major event with free admission, July 26, 2013, Locus festival 2013 begins his musical journey with a great artist: Cody Chesnutt , singer and musician from Atlanta USA. On July 27, will perform  Robert Glasper (USA), July 29 plays  Peter Cincotti ….
27/28/29 July 2013 – Giovinazzo (Bari)
Giovinazzo Rock Festival: three days of music and independent alternative to free admission to two steps from the splendid sea of ​​Puglia. 
July 27: Meg / Omar Pedrini
28 July: Ministers / Paul Gillman
July 29: Motel Connection / Oedipus / No Broken Bottom
From July 29 to August 3, 2013 – Orsara (Foggia)

Back from July 30 to August 4, 2012 in Orsara, in the province of Foggia, Puglia longest running jazz festival now in its 24th edition. International seminars and original productions in the review that is part of the network of Festival “Five Festival South System”, supported by the Project Puglia Sounds.  ‘s Facebook Page

1-2-3-4 August 2013 – Galatina (Lecce)
Back, like every year, the Locomotive Jazz Festival to enrich the notes of the author’s heart of the Salento. Waiting as one of the leading events of the exhibition, organized by the association with the artistic direction of Raffaele Casarano, will be held from 1 to 4 August next in Sogliano Cavour. Four intense evenings that will project our territory to the wonderful world of jazz, the one that loves to meet other genres, defiled, regenerate, creating atmospheres ever new and ever more impressive. Programme
1/2/3/4 August 2013 – Bitonto (Bari)
The Beat Onto Jazz Festival began in 2001 as part of the activities of the association “in Jazz.” By the time the festival has become one of the mostprestigious jazz events in southern Italy . The Beat Onto Jazz Festival also boasts 4 winter editions of the event, realized in environments of great historical and artistic value of the city of Bitonto. 
August 3 – Neviano (Lecce)

During the evening will alternate Boom Boom Vibration, Jah Sun, Californian artist of international renown, Lion D , the big reggae music, El-V & The GardenHouse , for the first time in Salento; Nico Royale or the Singa Sasso Marconi ; Cico & Mamafrika , already shoulder Roy Paci in the catchphrase “Toda Joia toda beleza” Tony Lu , young mc Salento “emigrated to the north.” The selections are entrusted to Koolomeeto, Rubio & Rocky, paparina Silecta, Labo Sound.   event on Facebook

3/4/5 August 2013 – Monopoli (Bari)

Have you ever been to a festival that lasts all year ? A Monopoli, Dirockato Festival has succeeded in this aim.  Throughout the winter, the public is invited to the Rock Bar Kambusa Dirockato Winter, a preview of the summer event which hosts monthly live bands in small independent local and Italian, selecting the most appreciated bands who will return to the big summer event which is the most awaited event.

August 2013 – Cisternino (Brindisi)

The AlterFesta, one of the most successful musical of southern Italy, was born in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi, about thirty years ago. Among the various music festivals and shows the AlterFesta takes many years a leading role.

Concertone – Melpignano (Lecce)

In Salento, the festival par excellence is  La Notte della Taranta , which takes place during the summer in various municipalities in the province of Lecce and the Salento Greece, and which has its main festival on the last Saturday of August with a mega-concert closing Melpignano. The ultimate goal of the festival is to enhance and restore the pizzica.

August 12 to 16, 2013 – Parco Gondar – Gallipoli (Lecce), t
To inaugurate the Festival August 12, 2013 there will be  SNOOP DOGG SNOOP aka LION , undisputed king of hip-hop world.  To conclude the festival on August 16, the pride of the Italian reggae music in the world:  ALBOROSIE.  Gusto Dopa Al Sole a total immersion in the musical culture of the way through a busy schedule of concerts, contests and sound system. Programme
 DAY OFF MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013-6 th edition
August 14, 2013 – Parco Gondar – Gallipoli (Lecce)
The “DAY OFF FESTIVAL 2013 ‘presents the Skunk Anansie and is completed with a cast of big names on the international scene: Crookers, Pendulum DJ set, Miss Kittin DJ sets and Andro id ! An event that will present 4 festival at the same time on the 4 thematic stages: the Main Stage, the D & B Stage, the Stage and Electro Techno Stage. To open and close the top of the scene show the Apulian with live concerts of The Monkey Weater, The Mysteries of Sleep, Grace and DJ set with DJ Sketch, Nerve, Ballarock DjSet, 2DNoize, Dj Mike, Hubdy Pole.
11th Edition – Aug. 21 to 25, 2013 – Conversano (Bari)

Traditional appointment with the short copyright for   IMAGINARIA FILM FESTIVAL in Conversano, at the Complex of St. Benedict. Imaginaria launches a new experience: to join in an ideal continuity cinema free and independent international movements and authors of the most innovative digital revolution.

August 2013 23/24/25 – Itria Valley

The Festival of the Senses is proposed as a cultural event and top-notch gastronomy, art, history to nature, everyone will discover aromas, flavors, colors of Puglia in a historical context and landscape of exception, the  Itria Valley  (Martina Franca, Locorotondo, Cisternino ), known worldwide for its trulli. For the occasion will be open to the public private farms.

August 24, 2013 – Hermitage Indies Club – Molfetta (Bari)
Lottarox Summer Festival II Edition in Puglia to ‘Hermitage Indies Club of Molfetta.Here are some names involved: The Heartbreaks, Vuvuvultures, His Clancyness, Lume, For, A Copy for Collapse and Friendly Fires (DJ Set) . 
€ 10 only for June / July for only € 12/14 € only for August / 15 € per ticket office from 19:00. 
The Hurdy Gurdy is an International Exhibition of Art and Popular Culture of the 5 continents, which was founded in 1995 with the intent to draw the public’s attention to the historical sites of Puglia and facilitate the meeting of different cultures through music and art from all over the world.
Asaf Avidan to Mavu club Locorotondo (Bari).

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