Profiles of great Italian contacts

Do you meet people when you plan a trip or share travel dreams  on line?   Some of the contacts I have made from my trips Home To Italy have often become travel friends.

Each may have a specialty that adds to an enhanced visit, a local that might show me something new, a discovery in a town I would have passed by.  Each has added a memory to my life bank.

In the next months I want to share some of the best travel contacts I have found and possibly they may add to your Italian experience.

Meet Laura Massoni
                          Laura Massoni Travel                             

 I met Laura from a referral by Dream of Italy author, Kathy McCabe.  (a post on Dream Of Italy to follow)   Laura was generous with help and information for a former client of mine.

 Laura Massoni Travel is located in the Little Italy section of San Diego and specializes in travel in Italy.     Moving to the USA in 1992 from her native Italy, Laura Massoni Travel opened in 1999.   She maintains an office in Italy as well as the USA so travelers have the benefit of experts on each continent.

  Her web site, , lists a wide
assortment of events, experiences and hidden travel treats for each traveler.   Not just Rome, Florence or Venice, there are towns and regions I have not visited in the more than 15 years I have visited Italy.
 Activities offered include cooking classes, eating at family restaurants, meeting local craftsmen, sampling the best chocolate producers!  A Vespa or Fiat tour in Rome.   In Venice visit the private workshops for carnival masks and costumes makers.

 If you are considering your first trip to Italy or if you have been Home to Italy many times, Laura Massoni Travel will show you new adventures and experiences throughout Italy:

           Liguria – Lombardia – Piemonte – Piemonte – Food and Wine Program – Venice and Verona – Florence and Surroundings – Maremma – Pisa and Surroundings – Rome – Puglia – Sicily

 Laura strives for all her clients to ‘experience the authentic Italian way of life’.     Your Italian adventure will not be a standard tour but one designed to show you more than the best know tourist sites, you will be a traveler.   All company agents were born and raised in Italy.  When you ask a question about a festival, custom or popular location, an expert will reply.

Contact Laura to plan your next trip Home to Italy  

Main 858.201.6424 • Fax 858.597.0757

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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