Puglia, an Important Wine Destination

Puglia: an Important Wine Destination


Sun, Sea, Wind , Wines of the Salento

By, Yle Sambati, Lecce, Italy


Being an native of the area of Puglia, the Salento, Ylenia Sambati knows the land, the people and the rewards that hard working farmers can obtain from the grape vines that cover the rich soil.


This spectacular fertile peninsula called Puglia is surrounded on two sides by water; the Ionic and Adriatic Seas.    Situated in the  “heel of the boot” it is actually one of the most fertile growing regions in all of Europe.      Thousands of  olive trees  as well as Mediterranean herbs, wheat, almonds and figs  add  complexity to the several grape varieties.


The emphasis of Puglia’s wines is placed on quality of production, not on quantity.         Puglia is finally a wine destination in Italy.    “I can only be happy about this recognition.”   Before it was known as   “europe’s wine cellar” producing 10% of all the wine consumed in Europe.      For many years in fact the wine of Puglia was shipped north of Italy to France to give structure to their wines and when their local harvest was insufficient.    Puglia produces more wine than any other region making up around 17% of the Italy’s national total.    

 Puglia wine has a specific personality and balances density, sweetness, acid and alcohol content.   This region has a romantic, rustic, simple landscape with a unique red earth revealing the presence of red clay underneath as well as a layer of limestone that gives Puglia wine such a minerality and complexity.    Furthermore the wines get the aroma and flavor from the soil and the plants, all organic of course, that grow naturally.    Its’ Mediterranean climate is hot, with sunny days and most of the time cooled by the ocean breezes.

Puglia produces wine of quality at a reasonably price.

There are 26 DOC.* Mostly full bodied red wines: The two signature indigenous grapes are the Negromaro and the Primitivo. The IGTs are often released as rosso blends, sometimes with international varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon or as single varietals.

There are also some excellent Salento Rosé Wines. More awesome grapes:  Castel del Monte, Primitivo di Manduria (same DNA as Zinfadel), Gioia del Colle, Susumaniello, Salice Salentino, Nero di Troia, Aglianico, Montepulciano , Black Malvasia, Fiano, Locorotondo, Verdeca, Malvasia Bianca.

The Puglia wines are more than just a wine experience:   it’s a lifestyle and a bridge to an infinite culture and history of which the wine is imbued enveloping the senses and enlightening the spirit.

You can truly appreciate the wines of Pugla by a visit to the decades old vineyards where Italian families have nurtured the vines by hand over the years.   Puglia winemakers keep their production limited in the name of quality and train the vineyards in order to pick the fruit at its optimal level.     Yltourcongressi.com  can arrange visits and tastings to expand your appreciation of this regions wines.

Our wine tours and wine school want to make the world aware of the amazing quality wines that exist in Puglia and the great value our wines represent.  It is just a matter of time and constant effort in getting the rest of the world tuned in. I think we are on the right track.”

Ylenia Sambati is a Puglia Travel Consultant designing unique wine experiences that include: chauffeured service with pick up & drop off, introductions to the local grapes and varieties, service of a wine expert for the duration of the wine tour; private tour of 2 selected boutique wineries, tutored (duration, approximately 4 hours).

Contact Ylenia Sambati, CEO at YLTOUR in Puglia, to design your special wine adventure, email: info@yltourcongressi.com (www.yltourcongressi.com)

* Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC):         

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