Italy: the cost of one apple

In a country with wonderful cakes, chocolates, christmas treats and of course pasta, it takes a concious effort to eat healthy.
So during this 4 week trip I try to buy an apple for a night time snack.  YES gelato is far better but the great taste ends up on my hips.

The cost of an apple in Italy depends on who you are.

You can purchase an apple in the supe rmercato as long as you remember to put on the plastic gloves BEFORE you select your apple
You then must identify the fruit with the number on the scale and print out a price ticket.  DO NOT go to the check out without a price sticker.

You can purchase an apple at one of the many fruit ‘trucks’ on the street corners around Rome.  The woman I have passed every day this week works from early in the morning and was still there at 9:30 pm tonight when I went back to the hotel!     Her I selected the ‘type’ of apple I wanted and the cart owner picked the piece she would sell me.  It was weighed and I paid the price asked.
Yesterday at Campo di Fiore there is a fruit and vegetable market in the mornings.   I spotted an older woman with a very photogenic face.  Thinking I would buy my daily apple and ask her for a photo I selected a red apple.   But this woman was no fool.  She must have read the word TOURIST on my forehead because she picked an apple, gave it to me and THEN said 1 euor!   That is about $1.40 for one apple.

I did not argue with this savy woman.  I had already touched the fruit.  She was NOT going to take it back.  But I am sure she is still chucklying about the TOURIST that paid a Euro for an apple   And NO I did not get a photo.

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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