Learn Italian in Puglia while traveling home to Italy!


                      Let’s Speak Italian!

One or two week Italian Language Immersion in Puglia
For the Italian language lovers Yle has designed a new cultural experience: a one or two week language trip, available  in two different areas of the region to improve and speak Italian in a relaxing atmosphere with local tutors.

Parliamo Italiano is the YLTOUR’s brand promoting Italian language and cultural weeks to spend in Puglia during which participants will combine not only Italian lessons but also exploration (the northern central and southern part of the region).

In designing this program, Ylenia Sambati from YLTOUR quotes: “ I was thinking of a great opportunity for students to experience Italy at its best: not just learning Italian but also living this language immersion as the trip of a lifetime. Sometimes during these campus you only have a limited number of visits during the week: in our cultural programs, students will daily explore and improve their Italian. It will be educational and fun”.

Students can choose between one or two weeks. One week will be in the southern part of Puglia, the Salento, while the other week will take place in the central part of Puglia, the Trulli area.

Classes will be kept small in order to ensure students all the dedication and care in teaching. Conversation, pronunciation, focus groups on specific topics, but also singing and dancing. Students will learn new words every day, meet and speak with charming locals for an unforgettable Italian language experience.

Conversation classes will be the highlight:  practicing spoken Italian language, joining a conversation and have every time a special guest to chat with in a very informal manner.

Teachers are all local and mother tongue: beside the two main teachers students will have during week one or two, they will meet a certain number of locals (a special activity called “caffè con amici”), with whom speaking and making specific conversations. All of these activities are intended to increase the numbers of Italian words in the vocabulary and make speaking easier and more spontaneous.  Our teachers are qualified native speakers experienced, dedicated, friendly, flexible with a great ability to teach and explain things simply.

All levels of Italian language are welcome, as well as students of any age.

At the end of this one or two weeks Italian language immersion in Puglia students will get more and more confident to speak Italian on various topics and expand their vocabulary.

Parliamo Italiano is not just an Italian language learning experience, but also a great opportunity to explore the region and its most beautiful places.

Students will be accommodated in “Dimore”, basically self catering flats, in the towns of Lecce and Cisternino.  The goal is to make them experience Italy as locals every day.

To confirm this tour we need at least 6 people registered.
Contact Yle at info@yltourcongressi.com for dates, details and prices.

If you are an Italian Language tour leader and would like to put together a small group, please contact info@yltourcongressi.com.   The tour leader can arrange his or her small group in the following months: april, may, june, july, october, November.




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