Wine Tour in Italy with the Yle, president of Strada del Vino

In Puglia there’s a “Strada del Vino” and the President is Ylenia Sambati, our Travel Consultant

Ylenia Sambati, Puglia Travel Consultant and owner at YLTOUR ( has recently been elected President of the Wine Route “Vigna del Sole” ( during the association’s general assembly.

She received a unanimous vote from the associated members among which wine cellars, wine makers and municipalities. The just elected President, a passionate of the area and local wines that she daily promotes through her consultancy in travel job, is already working on a “don’t miss” wine program for wine lovers visiting the region.

The Wine Route feature a number of cellars that offer daily wine tastings, cellar tours and wine sales. Puglia is beloved by tourists for its great villages, food, olive trees and wines of course. Its picturesque farmhouses and castles amidst vineyards are often home to some of the top wine estate. She is thus designing a wine map destination program to experience the finest wines and warm hospitality.

Wine in Puglia is one of the biggest tourist attraction and the Route of Wine represents many wines and grape producers. It is in fact home to some of the best wines in the region among which the Primitivo, Negromaro, Salice Salentino and many more. Puglia is Italy’s premium wine and oil producing region offering a range of different styles of wine even with the same grape varieties. The Strada del Vino includes different interesting topics: wine, country, history, art, local food artisans and it is located in the southern part of the Puglia region.

The wineries situated along this wine path, the big ones as well as the minor wines, all of them produce a high-class wine. Top attractions include cellar tours and the art of viticulture where local wine makers create their great wines. Cellar tours and daily wine tastings are offered on a daily basis by appointment. “Puglia has such a natural vocation for food and wine” the President quotes “and it is now time to channel the current trends in the wine international system into a well structured enological travel and taste experience”.

For more information on Puglia Wine tourism and wine experiences, please contact Ylenia Sambati at: or

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