Naples Will Surprise You

The bay of Naples

Travelers often avoid Naples when they plan their trips to Italy.    After spending the day with a member of the Discover Naples Destinations, Naples is on my list of cities to return to on my yearly trips Home To Italy. 

Naples has surprises.   Have you seen Roman era Town of Baia?  It is now underwater and can be viewed by glass bottom boat.

Underground Naples, almost a second city, with hundreds of miles of tunnels and caverns.   A portion of these tunnels are open to the public.

           One of the oldest doll hospital in the world:  150 years

Meet Tina

Dispel your impression of Naples as

a place to avoid and explore beyond the museums and high end waterfront cafes. 

DND, Discover Napoli Destinations offers an insiders’ look at the real Naples and the Campania region.

In 2010 Four friends, all born and raised in this complex city, decided to design a new travel concierge company to combat the negative impressions most tourists have of Naples.  They specialize in personalized travel itineraries for individuals and small groups.
You will learn about the rich history of the kingdom of Naples.   Every street and building has a unique story that DND can bring alive during their original itineraries.

With DND you can visit hidden treasures that are NOT in tour books.  DND has the ability to offer visits to private homes or collections.    No two tours are alike, your tour can be designed for your personal interests:   art and history, wine and food, shopping, sports.

But DND does not stop there.  Some of their more unusual offering include:  legends and ghosts, underground Naples,  shopping for locally made products.  Don’t forget to ask them about shoe alley.
Or design your own itinerary.  Visit the best stores selling fashions to chocolate, stop for REAL pizza, have coffee in the oldest café in Naples, tour the neighborhoods that are reached by funicular, visit any of the islands or travel to sites in Campania.  DND will assist you to create a special visit to Napoli.
 Contact DND:    Tina
 Phone  +39 339 3969649

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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