Learn Italian in several Cities with Sorrento Lingue

Learn Italian in Three Different Cities!

Sorrento Lingue


      Italian class in Sorrento

Discover Italy! A journey from North to South…
Learn Italian and visit 2 different cities, one in the North and one in the South of Italy .

You will participate in all excursions and activities organized by the school, you will be able to enjoy the cuisine of Northern and Southern Italy , you will be cuddled by Sorrento’s Mediterranean climate and stunning sea-views as well as experiencing the great architecture and fashion of Milan.

You will learn the Italian language, experience the culture and live like a true Italian!

ITALIAN WEEK BY WEEK Photo: A friend said this is her new year's resolution - maybe it's yours, too!

 Special offer:     Italian week by week Starting date

Every Monday
Length: 2 weeks (1 week in Sorrento  1 week in Milan)
              3 weeks (1 week in Sorrento – 1 week in Milan-
                             1 week in Rome 

Where: Sorrento – Milan

Type of Course: Basic (group course from Monday to Friday)

Schedule of courses: 4 hrs per day / 5 days per week – 20 hrs per week

Max number of students per class: 12
Price: 2 weeks = 358€ per person   
           3 weeks = 610€ per person

The price includes: Afternoon cultural activities, Orientation tour of Sorrento, Enrollment fee, Didactic material, Certificate of attendance

Accommodation: upon request. Prices from 35€ per night. For more information,

Contact Olga Stinga        info@santannainstitute.com

     The program consists of 20 hours of Italian group lessons in each of these 2 cities. The course includes didactic material, extracurricular weekly activities, city tours, and a certificate of attendance .
The school offers assistance in finding housing or in organizing arrival transfer, if required, at an additional price.

Ask for the program by name:  Italian class in Sorrento. 

Sorrento Lingue S.r.l.
Via Marina Grande, 16 – 80067 – Sorrento (NA) Italy – Tel. +39 081.807.55.99 +39 081.878.44.70 – Fax +39 081.532.41.40
P.Iva 07631160012 – N° R.E.A. TO-908649 Cap. Sociale € 50.000,00 I.V.

Photos courtesy of SASL and FB

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