Venice: Missing ANOTHER!

Thanks to Monica,  my local expert in Venice and new travel friend,  for sharing another one of a kind event in Venice

Monica showed me parts of Venezia I never knew about and she also can teach her students to cook! 

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Festa della Sensa 2014

Sensa big

Saturday and Sunday May 31 1 June 2014 back the charm of “Festa della Sensa“In Venice.
Every year Venice attracts millions of visitors to events of worldwide importance. Among these is the Festa della Sensa, which more than any other event brings to life the history of the Serenissima, his intimate relationship with the sea and with the practice of Voga alla Veneta.
The Festa della Sensa (Ascension) was a public holiday in the Republic of Venice on the occasion of the feast of the Ascension of Christ (in Venetian dialect Sensa). It commemorates two important events for the Republic: the 9 May of 1000 when the Doge Pietro II Orseolo rescued Dalmatian populations threatened by the Slavs. The second event took place in 1177, when, under the Doge Sebastiano Ziani, Pope Alexander III and the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa signed in Venice Peace Treaty that ended the age-old dispute between the Papacy and the Empire. On the occasion of this festival was held the ceremony of the marriage of the sea. On that day, every year, the Doge, on the Bucentaur, reached St. Helena at San Pietro di Castello. Waiting for the Bishop, on board a boat with gilt sides, ready to bless. To emphasize the domain of Serenissima with the sea, the Festival culminated with a sort of rite: the Doge, once it reaches the mouth of the sea and threw a gold ring into the waters.
The Sensa today
Thanks to the activity of the Committee Festa della SensaFrom 1965 Venice is back to celebrate the event, with a water parade from San Marco to Lido of traditional rowing boats organized by the Coordination of the Rowing Clubs Voga alla Veneta, whose head is the “Serene“Vessel on which they take place, the mayor and other city officials and from which it is still celebrated rite of marriage to the sea through an impressive launch ceremony in a symbolic ring of water and the subsequent religious service in the church of San Nicolò di Lido.
Il program is completed with the Sensa Market at the church of San Nicolò di Lido, Venetian rowing competitions and many other events.
In addition, the festival is an opportunity to celebrate “Twinning Adriatic“Which brings together today to the Serenissima a city or a region that has had a special historical relationship with Venice, united in a bond of culture, love for the sea and for the activities related to it.
And it is also an opportunity for the delivery of “Osella d’Oro della Sensa“Given to public bodies, institutions and private citizens who, through their activities in the field of culture, crafts and trade, have brought honor to the city.
The Sensa today is a great time for meeting, of awareness of the history and traditions of the Venetian: the feast of the city and its relationship with the sea.

Saturday May 31
Hours 17.30
Venice, Arsenale North – Porta Nuova Tower (Boat stop “Docks” – invitation only)
Twinning Ceremony of the Adriatic
Prize “Golden Osella Sensa 2014”
Sunday June 1
9.00 Rally boats in the Basin of San Marco
9.30 out of the water procession to St. Nicholas of the Lido
10.30 Ceremony of the Marriage of the Sea in front of the Church of San Nicolò di Lido
Performance by the Choir 11.00 Serenissima in the churchyard of the Church of San Nicolò di Lido
11.30 Mass in the church of San Nicolò di Lido
16.45 race young people under the age of 25 2 pupparini in rowing
Regatta organized in collaboration with the Association of Rowers
17.00 race of women on mascarete 2 rowing
17.45 4 a gondola regatta rowing
Races of the rowing season of the City of Venice
Path of the races: Bacino di San Marco – Riviera San Nicolò al Lido, where the awards ceremony will be held to follow
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