Florence Italy:  Traveling this summer?

Than you need to know the women of              Mail Boxes Etc in Florence! *    

Traveling with heavy suitcases?  Have you found great items to
bring home?   And the wine and olive oil discoveries…………………….

Let the wonderful woman at  Mail Boxes Etc. – MBE 212  in  Florence on ‎Via della Scala, 13    
store your bags, ship them to the next city you are visiting or even have them waiting for you at home after your trip. 

Mail boxes Etc  in Florence, Italy


   All my trips Home to Italy are planned around a visit to Florence and I always visit the Four Women Of Mail Box Etc..
      I may only return to Italy  every 8 months but it does not matter.  When I walk through the door it is as if I am visiting family…..    Perhaps I am just a returning  ‘tourist’
but I am always greeted with a smile and a ciao.                                               


   Everyone at MBE 212 goes beyond the services they list on their wall and have received awards for their efforts.  

During one trip I came down with the flue while in Florence.   Who else would I ask for help in finding medicine that would help but the Four Women Of Mail Boxes Etc?.     Right away a product was suggested to me as well as the farmacia (drug store) right down the street where I could obtain the medicine.  In addition they gave me the pharmacist’s NAME!       


For many other services contact MBX 13 on Via Della Scala   # 13 Florence, Italy.   It is a short walk from the train station and a few blocks from the church of Santa Maria Novella

……..English is spoken, store your luggage, ship a package, copy documents, ship luggage to your next hotel or to your home.       Just remember they are NOT open on weekends.

Email them for any August vacation days they may be closed.

mbe212@mbe.it   *

Mail Boxes Etc. – MBE 212
Firenze more info‎Via della Scala, 13
                                                         50123 Florence, Province of Florence, Italy
                                                                            055 268173

Send me an email if you have used this MBX location and what you thought of their great service.  And say ciao to the Four Women of MBX for me.

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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