Italy: Puglia opens a new tasting room

My best contact in Italia, Yle, just sent her new offering for travelers

Wine and Oil Tasting Room

Stop in today for a wine tasting or a delicious lunch

We offer fine wines and regularly schedule wine and oil tasting. This new addition to YLTOUR and COOK IN PUGLIA opens upon reservation and it is located in Squinzano, in the picturesque Piazza Plebiscito.
Schedule a tasting, a wine picnic or a gorgeous lunch. The scenic view of the Piazza Plebiscito makes the perfect place to enjoy a tasting or a wine experience.
Our wine and oil tasting room is the first of its kind where the most and less celebrated boutique producers making phenomenal wines, are all available to taste.
Enthusiasts, connoisseurs, collectors, aficionados, are all welcome.
Visit us at our new tasting room in Squinzano.

E-mail for more information or to make a reservation

The Palazzo

Cooking and tasting wine in an aristocratic palazzo

YLTOUR has teamed up with a beautiful and aristocratic historic Palace not far from Lecce and Brindisi (10 minutes by car from both) for a new program for travelers who want more than museums and church visits.
Inside the elegant Palazzo, the main balcony opens onto the picturesque southern village’s main piazza and allows students to interact with locals. In this wonderful Palazzo and unique kitchen, elegance and history pervades: grotesque frescoes adorning the entire walls will inspire you to take tons of pictures during the whole time we will spend in there.
French windows open onto a romantic and peaceful balcony overlooking the Piazza. You’ll feel like being on the set of a movie.

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