Italy: Only cooking and wine school in Puglia

Cooking and Wine School in Puglia
a new venture with

For the past 15 years
countless travelers have had memorable vacations created by Yltour.  Short or long trips that are crafted to the show you Puglia with a local.
No dream vacation is too
difficult for Yle to arrange:  make pasta with a Nonna, bike along the coast of Puglia, visit a local artist………..all you need to do is ask……..
Cooking and Wine School in  Puglia

Expanding from the ‘cook with a Mamma’ program, Ylenia Sambati, CEO of  in Puglia, has opened a cooking and wine school.  

Located in the town of Squinzano,  the second floor of the palazzo  Pleblscito resonates with the smells of cooking and happy conversation when Mamma Anna and her young assistant begin to create.
  And the dishes Mamma creates from treasured recipes and  local ingredients made me rethink my concept of Italian food and perhaps I need to join a class this spring.

The second floor ‘school’ overlooks the piazza.  This is the domain of the men of the village of Squinzano who meet to play cards, sit in the sun and debate the news of the day.

Yle tells me if the windows are open she will have calls from the street ‘what are you cooking today?’

Today the table is overloaded with dishes from fish to pasta.   Many of the dishes are vegetarian and surprised everyone who tried them.  As an Italian American I never think of Italian food as ‘vegetarian’ but
Yle has developed a wide range of exceptional vegetarian dishes that unique to her cooking school. 

Trofie pasta with pesto, pies and fresh tomatoes

“Our wine and oil tasting room is the first of its kind where the most and less celebrated boutique producers making phenomenal wines, are all available to taste” is the description you will find on the webpage.

Vegetarian burgers with eggplants and barley

As part of a group of travel professionals, I spent 3 amazing days exploring Puglia, visiting country estates, private villas and BnB’s.  Sampling meals at a variety of restaurants.  Meeting local artists, a olive farm and touring a private palazzo.  

Cured meats and cheeses (il Tagliere)
Bean salad with onions, tuna, evoo
Savory pie with ricotta and spinaches

The Wine School does tastings and offers instructions on how to appreciate the wines of Puglia. 

This is a new concept to bring the two popular topics together.  Yle explains it best:

A Modern idea of Wine Experience in Puglia: Take a wine appreciation experience at the Puglia Wine School. To join us you don’t have to be a sommelier, a wine expert, or even a wine professional of any sort. 

 Simply enjoy good wine.  Join us and immerse all your senses into actually experiencing all the facets of wine and food appreciation. Small groups are welcome. The tasting room is available to
host private wine and food events. We can accomodate individual casual or tailored tasting experiences. Host your special event with us. 
Interested in booking: contact”

Your instructor for the wines of Puglia

On your next adventure to Italy be sure to reserve your space in a class at the Cooking and Wine school.

Contact Ylenia Sambati at

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